Coronation Street fans spot disturbing Daniel Osbourne clue and beg him to make major change


DANIEL Osbourne left eagle-eyed fans “confused” after reading “ridiculous” poem about girlfriend Daisy Midgeley.

Daniel’s writing about his on-and-off lover moved her to tears – but what did it say?

Daniel’s words moved Daisy to tears

Daniel promised to be there for Daisy

Viewers were not impressed by Daniel’s words

Before Daisy read Daniel’s work, she broke up with him for turning up drunk to her doctor’s appointment.

He feared history may be repeating itself after losing his ex-wife Sinead to cancer, driving him to drink.

Adam Barlow intervened and showed Daisy an article Daniel wrote about falling in love with her.

He wrote about empty he felt when Sinead died until he met someone “funny, clever and beautiful” and “out of his league.”

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Jenny walked in on Daisy in tears while reading Daniel’s words.

However, fans did not feel the same way.

One said: “As if this is the best that Oxford student Daniel could muster, I wrote more powerful and effective articles in my GCSE English Lit classes.”

Another wrote: “I’m totally confused with the sudden weird rhyming in the third paragraph.”

A third penned: “Why is there a colon in that 3rd sentence: and then it gets worse from there.”

A fourth commented: “Yeah when Adam took a peek!! Honestly it’s ridiculous, as soon as I saw it I knew I had to read it.”

Daniel vowed to never let her down again and they reunited. He promised to be by her side good or bad and that he was in it for the long haul.

But Daisy doesn’t know that Daniel has bought a ring and planning to propose.

Upcoming scenes see Daniel ask Jenny Connor for her blessing and shows her the engagement ring he has for Daisy and how he plans to surprise her.

But things will be taking another turn for Daisy and the Barlow clan.

When the couple head over to No.1 with Steve McDonald and Tracy Barlow, they are horrified to see all the Christmas presents have gone from under their tree.

To make matters worse, Daniel tells Jenny the burglars spotted Daisy’s engagement ring and snatched it.

Who is responsible?

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Can Daniel support Daisy?Can Daniel support Daisy?

The Barlows are in for a shockerThe Barlows are in for a shock

Has Daniel's engagement ring been stolen?Daniel’s engagement ring goes missing