Coronation Street fans spot prop blunder as Diet Coke logo is seen on can disguised as off-brand cola


A CORONATION Street scene full of prop blunders has left viewers in hysterics as they rushed to point out the errors.

On Monday’s episode, Sally Webster popped into Roy Cropper’s cafe for a coffee and everything went downhill from there.

It all started when Sally was holding her book upside down

First, eagle-eyed fans spotted Sally (Sally Dynevor) reading a book called Race Against Crime upside down as she sat in the corner of the cafe, but attentive waitress Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher) quickly fixed that up for her.

One Twitter user hilariously reacted: “Sally, last time I checked you don’t read books upside down.”

But things got worse as Asha Alahan (Tanisha Gorey) came in to buy a can of cola.

She was handed an off-brand can of the fizzy drink but on closer inspection it was a can of Diet Coke disguised as Corrie’s own brand of soda.

But then fans noticed the Corrie cola was just a disguised can of Diet Coke

The controversial soda popped up again later in the episode

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Love the meagre attempts in #Corrie to masquerade a very obvious can of Diet Coke.”

A second added: “Love that they thought they were hiding a diet coke can with a fake label.”

While a fourth jokingly said: “That brand of Cola is popular in Weatherfield! It’s on sale in Roy’s Rolls cafe and is actually Diet Coke with a new label.”

The notorious cans of drink popped up in another pivotal scene later in the episode.

How will Yasmeen plead next week?

Viewers spotted them again as Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) visited her gran Yasmeen in prison to try and convince her to please ‘not guilty’ for defending herself from an attack by her husband Geoff Metcalfe.

As she pleaded with Yasmeen, the Weatherfield soda could be spotted over Alya’s shoulder.

Monday’s episode ended on a cliff hanger as Yasmeen grappled with how to plead in her attempted murder trial.

She’s on trial for defending herself from abusive husband Geoff using a broken wine bottle

Monday’s episode ended on a cliffhanger, with fans having to wait until next week to see if she’ll plead guilty or not guilty

At the plea hearing, Yasmeen stood anxiously in the dock as she waited to be asked the fateful question.

Yasmeen was asked how she would like to plead to the charge of attempted murder and whilst everyone waited for her response, the intimidating voice of Geoff ran through her mind.

All the awful memories from the horrific time with her husband came flooding back to her mind, but fans will have to wait until Wednesday’s episode to hear what her decision will be.

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