Coronation Street fans think show ‘predicted coronavirus’ after eerie hand washing scenes – filmed three months ago


CORONATION Street fans are convinced the soap “predicted coronavirus” after eerie hand washing scenes were filmed three months ago.

Brits are being urged to sing Happy Birthday as they wash their hands for 20 seconds to rid themselves of germs.

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Yasmeen focused on washing her hands last night amid the coronavirus outbreak

But in a bizarre coincidence, This Morning’s soap expert Sharon Marshall said the scene showing Yasmeen washing her hands to the birthday tune was filmed back in January.

On today’s show, Sharon said: “Last night in Corrie, because I was watching it, I saw Yasmeen washing her hands and Geoff go to her, ‘I hope you’re singing Happy Birthday while you’re doing that’.

“So I thought, wow, how did they manage to get that in? Complete coincidence. That was written back in December, it was filmed in January.

“What it was, someone on the production team – I believe it was one of the writers – their kids sang Happy Birthday as they washed their hands. So he put it in.”

Geoff insisted she sing happy birthday for 20 seconds

Domestic abuser Geoff had forced his wife Yasmeen to wash the bathroom.

He then told her to make sure she properly washed her hands – while singing Happy Birthday.

But writers had no idea a global pandemic of Covid-19 would be in full swing as the episode aired.

One fan said: “I’m confused, the “singing happy birthday twice” wasn’t a thing 6 weeks ago was it?? #corrie you guys are amazing.”

Another added: “Geoff & Yasmeen’s “Washing hands to Happy Birthday” scene was written in December and filmed in January!! Spooky.”

Someone else said: “How did #corrie incorporate #happybirthday twice when washing hands into this episode when it’s written 6 weeks in advance. Well done @itvcorrie.”

The number of Brits who have died of Coronavirus hit 71 today with a 45-year-old becoming the youngest killed.

It’s feared 55,000 may have the deadly bug.

Sharon Marshall pointed out the scenes were filmed in January

Coronavirus cases exploded by 407 to 1,950 today –  a chilling 26 per cent jump in what is the biggest daily increase yet.

In a press conference this evening, Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised to do “whatever it takes” to save the economy during the coronavirus crisis – as he revealed a £350billion “war-time” plan to stop firms going bust.

As well as bars, restaurants and theatres being affected, Coronation Street and its fellow ITV soap Emmerdale could be “forced down to two episodes a week” because of Coronavirus.

Both soaps air six times a week and are shot a number of weeks in advance, but bosses are working to put a plan in place in case cast members get struck down by the sickness.

One option would be to reduce the number of episodes being screened each week to ration out the episodes already in the can until the crisis eases.

One Coronation Street cast member has already self-isolated over virus fears after returning from holiday earlier this month.

However, the unnamed actor has since been cleared to return to filming on the Cobbles.