Coronation Street fans think Yasmeen will change her ‘not gulty’ plea as she begs Alya to apologise to Geoff for her


CORONATION Street fans Yasmeen Nazir will change her plea to “guilty” after she begged her granddaughter Alya to apologise to abusive husband Geoff Metcalfe tonight.

The chef – who is played by actress Shelley King in the ITV soap – is being held in prison awaiting trial for attempted murder after she stabbed Geoff in self-defence when he threatened to kill her.

Coronation Street’s Yasmeen begs her grandaughter to apologise to Geoff for her

She had suffered months upon months of coercive control and abuse culminating in being starved, humiliated and emotionally battered in the days before the attack.

Tonight it seemed like Yasmeen had finally snapped free of Geoff’s control when she plead not guilty to the crime in court.

Her friends and family were overjoyed but it was short-lived.

Back in prison Yasmeen phoned Alya and was upset and terrified about Geoff’s reaction.

She told her: “I’m alone with my thoughts and worries. Have I done the right thing?

Alya is confused and upset by Yasmeen’s request

“I’m going to put myself through the ordeal of a trial and with all probability they will convict me. Whether it goes my way or not I’m still going to upset Geoff.

“Have you seen him? Why did I do it? I should have accepted what I’ve done and taken my punishment. Alya please will you tell him I’m sorry. Please Alya.”

Fans were in tears, concerned about Yasmeen still being under Geoff’s control.

Alya confronts Geoff in the street

Sally is beginning to realise something isn’t right about Geoff

One wrote: “Don’t feel sorry for that B*****d Yasmeen He put u through hell”

A second said: “Oh no Yasmeen having second thoughts about her plea”

Another added: “OMG, Yasmine still thinking about that POS Geoff. The poor woman is completely brainwashed.”