Coronation Street fans work out who will expose lying stalker Lydia Chambers


CORONATION Street fans are convinced Carla Connor will expose lying Lydia Chambers.

The businesswoman – who is played by actress Alison King in the ITV soap – was told about Adam’s alleged affair in tonight’s episode and confronted him over it.

Coronation Street viewers think Carla Connor will expose lying Lydia Chambers
Lydia has convinced Sarah Platt that she’s having an affair with her husband

Carla warned him to stay away from the factory over his cheating but Adam set her straight.

He told her: “I’ve got nothing to defend – I haven’t cheated. 

“If Sarah wants to believe Lydia’s lies then more fool her. She’ll be begging my forgiveness soon enough.”

As Carla asked him about him seemingly threatening Lydia in the street, Adam put her straight.

“I just told her to stop trying to ruin my marriage with malicious lies,” he said. 

“She’s making it up as she goes along. She’s nuts! I am not cheating on my wife.

“Come on in all the slanging matches we’ve ever had have I ever made you feel threatened in any way?”

“Well no,” admitted Carla.

“And yet you believe Lydia, a girl you’ve known for five minutes over me,” Adam replied.

“She’s as polished and plausible as the next psychopath. The truth is I wouldn’t go near her with a bargepole.”

Carla looked pensive and it’s clear she was beginning to doubt Lydia’s story.

Now fans think she will be the key to unravelling Lydia’s lies – and saving Adam and Sarah’s marriage.

One wrote: “See if Lydia had pulled this s*** on Carla, she would at least have sussed out it was a pile of BS. #Corrie”

A second said: “Carla will work it all out and expose bunny boiler Lydia. #Corrie”

Another added: “I’m certain Carla will be the first person to suspect Lydia is making this all up. She believes Adam more than Lydia, who’s only been on the scene for five minutes. #Corrie”

Adam Barlow continued to defend himself in tonight’s episode

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