Coronation Street favourite will die in ‘huge’ disaster scene that will ‘rival tram crash’ says soap boss


A CORONATION Street favourite is set to die in a huge disaster scene that will rival the show’s devastating tram crash of 2010.

The Hollywood style stunt will end in tragedy for a major character in the ITV soap.

Three major Corrie characters were killed in the soap’s 50th anniversary tram crash
The crash wreaked havoc across the cobbles

Sally Carman, who plays Abi Franklin, teased the scenes at the National Television Awards on Thursday after Corrie won the gong for Best Soap.

She said: “It’s going to be so big it will rival the tram crash.

“You’re going to have your socks blown off.”

Show boss Iain Macleod confirmed the plans and compared the plot to Chekhov’s gun – a dramatic principle that states that every element in a story must be necessary, so if there is a gun within the plot it must be fired.

He said: “We don’t have Chekhov’s gun in our stories but we do have Chekhov’s sinkhole.

“We’ve tried to look at the last 12 months and the limited way in which all soaps have been forced to tell their stories, and try to subvert that and go ‘we’re back’.

“It’s going to be really huge – there’s loads of emotion, there’s loads of big spectacle – it’s going to be cinematic.“

“It’s a statement of intent that we wanted, as a show, to put out there – to make something we couldn’t possibly have made in the past 18 months because the pandemic wouldn’t allow it.”

He added that the sinkhole’s return would leave one character dead, reports the Mirror.

“When you do a story of a certain scale and at a certain level of spectacle the viewers expect there to be significant aftermath to it and significant outcomes.

“So yes, I can confirm that Chekhov’s sinkhole will result in a death.”

The soap’s 50th anniversary week in 2010 saw carnage on the cobbles as an explosion caused a tram to crash into the street.

The tram crash killed off three major Corrie characters.

It was sparked after an explosion tore apart The Joinery bar, which in turn caused a tram crossing the viaduct to derail and plunge down onto the cobbles.

The viaduct collapsed on top of Peter’s stag do as he enjoyed his last night of freedom with pals Nick Tilsley and Ashley Peacock.

After the horrifying crash, viewers saw the men battling to escape the twisted wreckage but, while Peter and Nick made it out alive, Ashley met a gruesome end beneath a falling beam while bravely passing Peter to rescuers. 

Molly Dobbs was the second character killed off in the chaos of the crash, passing away before the rescue team could free her from the rubble in the Corner Shop. 

In emotional scenes, dying Molly came clean to Sally Webster about her affair with Sally’s husband Kevin – and revealed the real paternity of her baby.

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The other victims were an unnamed taxi driver and Charlotte Hoyle, who was actually murdered by Fiz’s husband, John Stape, on the night of the crash.

After killing her with a hammer, John got away with disguising Charlotte’s lifeless body as part of the tram crash chaos. 

Molly came clean to Sally Webster about her affair with Kevin as she lay dying

Ashley Peacock met his end under a falling beam in The Joinery bar

Ashley died while passing Peter over to the rescuers