Coronation Street films first socially-distanced stunt as Gary Windass pushes Sarah Platt out of the way of speeding car


CORONATION Street has filmed its first socially-distanced stunt as Gary Windass pushes Sarah Platt out of the way of a speeding car.

Photos from set show actor Mikey North (Gary) and co-star Tina O’Brian (Sarah) taking part in the dangerous scene.

Coronation Street films the world’s first socially distanced stunt

But to avoid contact between the actors and to adhere to the UK’s social distancing guidelines, a mannequin was dressed in Sarah’s clothes and used in place of Tina in certain shots.

In what is probably the world’s first socially distanced stunt after lockdown restrictions were lifted last month, Gary is set to save Sarah’s life but is mowed down by the on-coming car.

When Rick Neelan’s engraved watch is found in the woods, Sarah demands answers from Gary about his involvement in the loan shark’s disappearance and his web of lies unravel.

Terrified by Gary’s admissions, Sarah runs away from him to call the police.

Actress Tina O’Brian falls onto a mattress
Camera crew are seen following social distancing guidelines

As Gary chases Sarah down the street, a car hurtles towards her and Gary dives into the path of danger, pushing her to safety and ultimately saving her life.

The stunt was originally scheduled to be filmed on location, in the woods, but this was also amended in the interest of safety for the cast and crew.

The photos show the extent Corrie is will to go to keep viewers gripped after they were forced to stop filming in lockdown.

The show had to scrap another huge stunt for its 60th anniversary due to the coronavirus pandemic – and it could now be delayed until 2021.

Fans have already been treated to a factory collapse and gun rampage over the last 12 months, but yet another fantastic event was due to take place later this year.

Behind the scenes photos reveal Gary’s fate
Coronation Street has been forced to scrap a 60th anniversary stunt of Hollywood magnitude – and it could be delayed until 2021

Showrunner John Whiston teased the event would involve almost everyone in Weatherfield and unite the Cobbles but it might not be ready in time for the show’s milestone anniversary.

In an exclusive interview with HOAR Online, he said: “What we’ve had to strip out of our planning for the 60th was some of the bigger Hollywood-style elements, because after lockdown we didn’t have the time to build and install all of the things we originally planned to do.

“So we’ve peeled that all away, and much to my immense relief, what we’ve discovered underneath those Hollywood layers is three or four really good stories.

“A strong community story there I think, I think there is that sense of street by street community.”

Coronation Street fans have been spoilt by the soap’s shocking plots in the lead up to the 60th anniversary this year

Coronation Street actually celebrates its birthday on December 9th and bosses had been preparing for the big budget extravaganza before coronavirus hit.

He explained: “Crossing every limb here, but the expectation is we could hit 60th and it be really brilliant, if it turns out things slow down or we have to lock down again, we’ll still have the brilliant episodes, it just won’t broadcast during 60th week.

“Maybe later in the year or 2021. A lot of variables that we can’t control but the ones we can we are feeling very optimistic.”


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