Coronation Street: Gary’s wedding day chaos explained as he battles feelings for ex Sarah


THERE’s chaos on Gary Windass and Maria Connor’s wedding day next week as Gary and Sarah Platt battle unresolved feelings for each other.

The loan shark – who is played by Mikey North in the ITV soap – declared his love for Sarah as he confessed to killing Rick Neelan in emotional scenes earlier this month. But will Gary still tie the knot with Maria? Here’s the lowdown…

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Gary and Sarah battle unresolved feelings for each other on the day of his wedding to Maria

What happens on Gary and Maria’s wedding day in Corrie?

It all kicks off on the day of Gary and Maria’s wedding next week when the guests start to notice that both the bride and groom are late. 

Meanwhile, David pulls Gary aside and tells him he needs to make a decision between Maria and his ex Sarah. 

Sarah is also fretting about her feelings for Gary and crumbling marriage to Adam Barlow. 

Will Gary ditch Maria at the altar after realising he wants to be with Sarah?

Or might Adam seek revenge and expose Gary’s killer secret during the ceremony?

Corrie bosses are keeping shtum about how the day unfolds, and fans will have to tune in to find out.

David tells Gary he needs to make a choice between Maria and Sarah before it’s too late

Does Gary cheat on Maria in Corrie?

Coronation Street has teased that there’s a charged moment between Gary and Sarah this Friday (August 14) after Sarah tells Adam that Gary killed Rick. 

Gary storms over and quizzes Sarah about what she’s told Adam about his killer secret. 

But Sarah promises Gary that she hasn’t told him anything and that he’s just convinced she’s still in love with him. 

Sparks then fly between the pair.

But will anything happen?

Corrie are yet to confirm whether they give into their feelings for one another, and viewers will have to tune in to find out whether Gary cheats on Maria.

Gary and Sarah share a charged moment later this week in Corrie

What has Sarah Platt actress said about Gary’s wedding in Corrie?

Tina O’Brien – who plays Sarah in Corrie – explained to “I understand why Adam thinks Sarah has feelings for Gary as she’s not been honest nor is she being open with him. He has trust issues that she maybe doesn’t want to open up, but she’s under no illusion if she continues she’ll lose her husband.

“But what will she do – betray Gary or betray Adam? She has to take a risk whatever she does.”

Tina continued: “With Gary’s wedding approaching she’s happy for them but there’s a tinge that Maria doesn’t have a clue, Sarah’s life has come crashing down – he has landed on his feet, and Sarah’s marriage is over…”

Actress Samia Longchambon has said there’s ‘trouble ahead’ for Maria and Gary

What has Maria Connor actress said about the wedding in Corrie?

Speaking about the wedding day, Maria actress Samia Longchambon revealed to Entertainment Daily: “This wedding is obviously a lot more subdued, it’s in the Bistro. There’s really not many people there.

“But she’s got a nice dress, the dress is lovely. I had a bit of input in the dress, I didn’t want anything too flashy or too big because it’s such an intimate wedding. The dress is nice, if nothing else she has a nice dress.”

Speaking about how Maria’s bad luck when it comes to dating, Samia recently told Digital Spy: “Maria should stay away from men! Especially those who live on Coronation Street, maybe she needs to look further afield! She’s very naive.

“Hopefully it will work out with Gary, but we’ve seen it’s all been set up for what is going on in the background with Sarah. As always, there will be trouble ahead. It’ll be fun to watch.”

Samia added: “I don’t know if Maria will ever find happiness. Maria’s happiness comes from other places as well, I think. Her friendships bring her happiness with Audrey and Emma, and being a mum to Liam. Maybe that’s where Maria’s happiness lies. I don’t think it ever lies with a man ultimately.”