Coronation Street horror as drug dealer Harvey vows to kill Leanne Battersby using Sam


CORONATION Street fans are terrified for Nick Tilsley’s son Sam after drug dealer Harvey ordered his aunt Sharon to use him so he could silence Leanne Battersby.

The businessman – who is played by actor Ben Price in the ITV soap – made a shock appearance tonight as he spoke to son Sam on the phone.

Coronation Street’s Sharon is being nice to Sam to get intel on Leanne and Nick

Nick left Weatherfield with Leanne Battersby and her son Simon after they turned on drug dealer Harvey and were forced into police protection.

Viewers know Harvey has sent his aunt Sharon Bentley back to the cobbles to hunt down Leanne.

And tonight she was forced to use Nick’s son Sam to get to him – and it was successful.

As she told Harvey she was getting closer, Harvey revealed his true vile plan to kill Leanne.

Sam innocently revealed he knew where his dad was

But as Harvey threatened to silence Leanne for good, Sharon bit back and told him she would play no part in that.

“If you’ve got anything like that planned you can keep me out of it,” she said. 

“I will not play ball and then you’ll never find her.”

But Harvey threatened her: “You’re in way too deep you. You do as you’re told and you get looked after, you know the rules.”

Sharon pleaded: “Please Harvey, whatever you do – do not hurt Nick’s lad. 

“You’re already inside – is it really worth putting a kid through all sorts of danger just to get your sentence reduced? Harvey? Harvey?”

He refused to answer her and left Sharon terrified for Sam and what her nephew would do to him.

Fans were terrified too with one writing: “aww isn’t that sweet Sharon doesn’t want Harvey to hurt Sam. a bit late for the witch to have a conscience now.”

A second said: “They better leave Sam alone”

Another added: “Right, if Sam gets hurt people – we f***ing riot people!!!……. AGREED???????”