Coronation Street horror as Gemma Winter MURDERS her babies by pushing them under a bus in disturbing daydream


CORONATION Street fans are horrified after Gemma Winter imagined KILLING her babies by pushing them in front of a bus.

The new mum – who is played by actress Dolly Rose Campbell in the ITV soap – has undiagnosed postnatal depression and in tonight’s episode she was seriously struggling to cope.

Gemma imagined murdering her babies in a horrifying scene tonight

After Chesney suggested Gemma take the babies to the duck pond for an afternoon stroll, Gemma lost her rag and shouted at him before agreeing.

But while waiting for a bus Gemma imagined pushing the pram containing all four of her quadruplets in front of the oncoming bus.

The horror scene played out before snapping back to reality when Gemma kept hold of the handlebars.

However when Gemma got on the bus she panicked and ran away – leaving the babies behind forcing a horrified Chesney to step in and chase after the bus to save his babies.

She was sat at the bus stop waiting to go to the duck pond
Gemma pushed the pram in front of the bus

Fans were disturbed by the dream sequence scenes.

One wrote: “Jesus H Christ! I thought for a nano second!!! #gemma #Corrie”

A second said: “Thought that was real then, it’s only Gemma’s mind. #Corrie”

Another added: “#Corrie that scene of Gemma imagining the pram rolling away was very unusual for a soap, showing imagination without looking like a dream sequence”

Next week on Corrie Gemma will finally be given a formal diagnosis after admitting what she has been feeling.

Actor Sam Aston revealed: “All Chesney sees is Gemma get on the bus with the quads and then suddenly get off leaving them on board. He is horrified and has to run after the bus to rescue the babies. He is out of his depth and calls Bernie.

“He and Bernie try to talk to her but she gets upset and refuses to speak to them both and storms out of the house.

“Chesney is worried sick but when she returns having spoken to Rita she finally tells him just how bad things have got and that she is a terrible mother.

“Chesney is horrified to realise she has been feeling like this and he realises she needs to see the doctor.”