Coronation Street horror for Gary Windass as Rick Neelan’s body is discovered


CORONATION Street’s Gary Windass might finally be nabbed for killing Rick Neelan in an explosive upcoming storyline.

The former loan shark killed Ricky in a brutal fight in the woods and then buried his body, thinking the horrific incident was behind him.

Coronation Street’s Gary Windass played by Mikey North is up to something suspicious
He was busted trying to break into the development at Weatherfield County FC

But images from the Corrie set have seen Gary Windass actor, Mikey North, looking very shady as he tries to scale a wall to get into Weatherfield County FC which is under construction.

It seems that this is where Gary moved Rick’s body, but he’s forced to leave by a security guard telling him he’s been caught on camera.

As Gary leaves, a squad of police and forensic officers swarm the site and discover a body.

Gary has spent the past two years literally getting away with murder but, with a terminally ill Laura determined to find out once and for all what happened to her ex Rick, the clock is ticking for the one time loan shark. 

Laura hires a private detective forcing Gary to answer some very tricky questions and when news reaches him of a new building development planned for the very place he buried Rick’s body it looks as though the house of cards is about to come tumbling down.

Coronation Street boss Iain MacLeod said of the upcoming politlines: “It’s an exciting time for the show and these stories will propel us into the hour-long era with a bang and all the characteristic drama, humour, twists and intrigue that Corrie viewers have come to expect. 

“We’ve got high-octane action with tragic heroine Abi, leading to life and death dilemmas. 

“We’ve got riotous romantic intrigue for Daniel, with deliciously dastardly Daisy pulling out all the stops to keep her man. 

“We’ve got the uber-complex Gary, who has finally turned his life around and is atoning for his sins with Kelly, only to find himself facing a final reckoning with the ghosts from his past. 

“And we’ve got heart-stopping, high-stakes drama for Sarah, featuring a knife-edge showdown between Adam and his tormentor Lydia, which will leave you wondering which one’s the bad guy. 

“All of this in one big serving per night. What’s not to love?”

Gary is in a panic as he realised he might be caught for killing Ricky Neelan

Police and forensics later discovered a body on the site of the development

The former loan shark killed Rick in a fight in the woods two years ago

Corrie bosses warned Gary will ‘face his reckoning’ after murdering Rick