Coronation Street: Nina Lucas’ surprise romance with Asha explained


CORONATION Street fans are convinced that Nina Lucas’ surprising friendship with Asha Alahan will blossom into a romance.

Nina and Asha struck up an unlikely friendship after Nina defended her from bullies in the midst of the harrowing revenge-porn plot – but could romance be on the cards? Here’s everything you need to know…

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Why did Nina Lucas and Asha strike up their unlikely friendship in Corrie?

Corrie fans will know that Asha’s world was turned upside down when Kelly leaked a naked video of her from her boyfriend Corey’s phone. 

Since the video was leaked, Asha has faced cruel taunting by her peers whenever she leaves her home. 

But everything changed last week when Nina noticed Asha being laughed at and heckled by a group of boys. 

Stepping in to save the day, Nina punched one of the boys hard in the middle of the nose, leaving him bleeding. 

Asha and Nina then had a heart-to-heart about why she’d stripped for Corey in the first place. 

When Asha admitted that doing as Corey had asked made her feel good about herself, Nina told her she was beautiful. 

She then sent Asha a sketch she’d done of her, with ‘In case you need proof’ written on the back. 

Tanisha Gorey, who plays Asha, previously told Digital Spy that this is the beginning of a new friendship.

She said: “One of the unlikely people who steps forward to help Asha when she’s going through this is Nina.

“A friendship develops between Asha and Nina – and I love that.

“Nina knows what it’s like to feel different, left out and persecuted. That will develop and this story has a long way to go.”

Is there romance on the cards for Nina Lucas and Asha?

Coronation Street are yet to confirm whether there’ll be anything more than friendship between the pair, but that hasn’t stopped fans theorising that there’s romance on the horizon. 

One fan tweeted: “Catching up on corrie but did anyone get a bit of a gay vibe from Asha and Nina.”


Another added: “Is it weird I can see Nina and Asha being a couple? #corrie.”

Another fan seemed sceptical that Corrie would do justice to their relationship if they did become a couple: ” Not me shipping Nina and Asha from Corrie now, too. Jfc. Wait…no, I take that back. I just remembered what they did with Kana and I’m still not over that bullsh*t. The wlw writing in Corrie is so f**cking bad.”

Why has Nina Lucas struggled to fit in on the cobbles?

Corrie fans know that Nina’s goth-like appearance has left her feeling like an outsider ever since she moved in with Roy Cropper in the wake of her father Richard’s death.

Nina was gutted when she realised she was alienating a lot of the traditional Weatherfield residents with her unusual appearance, but refused to change her ways just to fit in.

Matters were only made worse when Nina found herself shunned by Roy’s bat-watching group who were quick to mock her dress sense. 

But Roy stuck up for his niece and told his bat-watching group exactly where to stick their prejudice, reassuring Nina that the cobbles would soon feel like her home.