Coronation Street quads what are the names of Gemma and Chesneys babies?


THE quads had an unconventional route to landing on the cobbles after Gemma Winter started giving birth while stuck on a cable car in Wales.

But what are the names of Gemma and Chesneys babies? Heres everything we know about the quads…

Gemma and Ches were originally going to name the babies after the four points of the compass

How did Gemma give birth in Coronation Street?

The birth of the quads was a dramatic one even by soapland standards, with Gemmas waters breaking high above the Welsh seaside town Llandudno.

Gemma was stuck aboard a cable car above the Great Orme, which is 679 feet up from the sea.

Chesney was left with no choice but to deliver the first of the babies with help from 999 over the phone.

After the first birth, the cable car was fixed and Gemma was bundled in an ambulance – much to their relief.

She then delivered the three other babies safely in hospital.

They named the quads after the medical staff who helped deliver them in Corrie

What are the names of Gemma’s quads in Corrie?

The couple sacked their plan of taking inspiration from the four points of the compass to name their babies – which was probably for the best.

Instead, they named the tots after the medical staff who helped them enter the world.

So yes – their babies all have Welsh names.

They named them after Bryn, the surgeon, Carys and Aled the paramedics and Llio – pronounced Cleo – the midwife.

The name Aled is also a cheeky nod to the Welsh singing star Aled Jones after Gemma gave birth to him in the cable car or, as she said herself, ‘walking in the air’.

Baby Aled was diagnosed as being deaf in Corrie

What do we know about baby Aleds diagnosis?

Gemma and Chesney are facing big decisions over their son Aled in the wake of his diagnosis.

The couple were stunned to learn that Aled had profound hearing loss, and saddened to realise that he wouldn’t have heard anything they’d said to him.

Next week, Gemma and Chesney are recommended the cochlear implant procedure by an audiologist but Gemma is overwhelmed by the suggestion.

Chesney starts to worry as Gemma refuses to leave Aleds side so that he’ll see her face whenever he wakes up.

Ches makes a mobile to hang over the cot with Gemmas face on it so she can get some sleep.

Gemma is also touched when he shows her some sign language hes been learning.