Coronation Street: Sally Webster’s huge discovery explained as Tim tells her about Geoff’s hidden camera


SALLY Webster is in for a shock next week in Coronation Street as Tim finally tells her about Geoff’s hidden CCTV camera after turning against his dad.

Fans of the ITV soap were fuming when Tim walked in on Geoff binning the camera and caught a glimpse of the footage of his final argument with Yasmeen – and kept shtum. But will Sally and Tim track down the camera?

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Tim tells Sally Webster about Geoff’s hidden camera

Why does Tim finally tell Sally about the hidden camera in Corrie?

Viewers know that Tim has been siding with his dad Geoff for months in Corrie, despite walking in on him deleting suspicious footage and finding Yasmeen trapped in his magic box.

But spoilers have revealed that Tim will finally turn against his dad next week after Geoff rocks up at Speed Daal and starts terrorising Alya.

When Geoff decides to sabotage the restaurant by cancelling staff shifts, Alya struggles to cope and flies into a rage, throwing everyone out of the restaurant and smashing it up.

When Geoff and Tim arrive in the aftermath, Ryan tells Tim that Geoff has been undermining Alya for months.

Ryan’s words must sink in because later, Tim finally tells Sally about the CCTV camera he witnessed his dad binning months ago.

Will Sally and Tim go to the police and tell them about the camera and footage?

Corrie fans have been clinging onto the hope that Geoff’s camera will be his downfall

Will Sally find the camera in Corrie?

Geoff appeared to dodge a bullet when he managed to convince Tim that he’d installed the camera because he felt unsafe around Yasmeen.

The abuser then binned the camera in Tim and Sally’s bin along with used fish and chip papers. 

But fans are clinging to the hope that someone will have pulled the camera out of the bin and that it will still find its way into the hands of the police.

One fan tweeted: “#corrie I think Geoff’s camera’s been pulled out of the bin and it will end up in the Weatherfield charity shop? #busted.”

Another added: “I want Geoff’s camera footage found. And I want it found NOW!”

But given that Geoff binned the camera weeks ago and there’s been no sight of it since, fans will have to tune in to find out whether it will ever reappear.

Tim walked in on Geoff deleting the footage of his argument with Yasmeen

Why did no one find the hidden camera in Corrie before Geoff deleted the footage?

Corrie fans were left raging back in June when they got a glimpse of the hidden camera for the first time – and realised it was massive. 

The sheer size of the camera left viewers baffled as to how Yasmeen hadn’t spotted it while cleaning.

A full police investigation and forensics team also failed to spot it.