Coronation Street scrapped plans for Rick Neelan’s body to be discovered reveals Mikey North


CORONATION Street has scrapped plans to have Rick Neelan’s body discovered, actor Mikey North has revealed.

The actor – who plays Gary Windass in the ITV soap – has told how soap bosses managed to rework the storylines due to filming restrictions because of the pandemic.

Mikey revealed the storyline changed over the pandemic

And now instead of a huge moment where Gary’s murder victim’s body is discovered – Rick will remain buried for some time to come.

Instead Gary’s ex Sarah will discover evidence linking Gary to Rick’s disappearance and work out what he’s done.

And instead of a huge car crash – now Gary will save Sarah from being killed by a car.

Mikey said: “She was going to find him there digging up the body and put two and two together.

Gary murdered Rick in the woods and buried him there

“I think she was then going to drive off and have a car crash and then the car exploded. Gary was going to manage to pull her out in the original version.

“As far as I’m aware at work there has only been one storyline that has been moved from where it was, I think everything has stayed the same apart from that.”

Despite the body remaining hidden, Sarah now knows Gary’s secret and unless she is willing to keep it – his days could be numbered.

Mikey also insisted that in saving Sarah’s life, Gary has shown himself to be redeemable.

He added: “I hope the bad things he did at the start were all with good intentions, he was trying to help his family out and it was all out of desperation.

“There have been times over the last year where he has gone a little bit too far and that is in his nature as well to have that nasty streak in him.

“But I hope that there is that good guy under it all somewhere. Maybe we can get past this and get good Gary back at some point. I guess that is not up to me.”