Coronation Street shock as Amy Barlow’s spiker confesses with horrifying results


CORONATION Street fans are in shock after Max Turner was revealed to be Amy Barlow’s spiker.

The teenager – who is played by actor Paddy Bever in the ITV soap – panicked tonight when the police began investigating the crime.

Max confesses to spiking Amy Barlow at the school party
Amy opened up to David about fearing for her life

Asked by Daniel to check the video footage from the dance for any potential evidence, Max did exactly that.

But as he was watching it on his laptop David arrived home with the police in tow to collect the evidence.

Max made out the memory card had failed and David apologised to the police and sent them on their way.

Heading out themselves, David and Max ran into Amy crying in Victoria Gardens. 

David opened up to Amy about how he was drugged by Josh all those years ago.

As Max listened in, Amy opened up about how scared she was.

“The thought keeps going round and round in my head,” she said.

“What if they’re watching me and just waiting for another chance?”

Listening to Amy and his dad talk clearly affected Max and later at home he tried to delete the footage but was caught by David.

And then he confessed to being the one to spike her.

“I am so sorry,” he said showing David the footage.

“I have done something terrible.”

He then admitted to wanting to drug teacher Daniel Osbourne to get revenge.

“I just wanted him to know what it was like to be drugged,” he said to David.

“I did it for you.”

But David was disgusted and grabbed the laptop and went to report Max to the police.

However Shona arrived just in time to stop David from reporting Max.

Later David was terrified he’d made the wrong decision, telling Shona Max could do it again – or something worse.

And viewers agreed and were sickened by his decision.

One wrote: “really don’t want to see Max get away with this.”

A second said: “Maybe this is exactly why Clayton turned out to be a scumbag murdere Shona! You can’t ‘fix’ Max!”

Another added: “So Max goes unpunished while Amy spends months or years being scared thinking it could happen to her again at any time? No, he needs young offenders.”

Shona talked David out of sending their son to prison