Coronation Street shock as Lydia Chambers finally reveals horrifying truth about Adam Barlow


CORONATION Street fans are in shock after Lydia Chambers revealed what Adam Barlow did to her to spark her revenge scheme.

The businesswoman – who is played by actress Rebecca Ryan in the ITV soap – finally admitted why she has been destroying Adam’s life in recent months.

Coronation Street’s Lydia Chambers finally confronted Adam Barlow about how he cheated on her

Viewers have watched as she faked an affair to destroy his marriage, made complaints to harm his career and set him up for fake criminal charges.

And in tonight’s episode she revealed his cruel behaviour during their relationship – and it left fans in shock.

“Three times you cheated on me and they’re just the times I know about,” she said. 

“All this fuss – it’s called being human. Admitting you’ve been hurt is hard – but it’s even harder when you fall in love with a narcissist. 

“I’ve seen the way you are with Harry – you’re brilliant with him. When you shine your light on someone it’s like there’s no-one else in the universe.”

But when Adam called what they had a fling – she told him the entire horrifying truth.

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“You were my first love, my first lover,” she said.

“And you were chuffed about that. I let my guard down, showed you the real me and I thought you were doing the same. 

“But overnight you were gone – total amnesia. I want you to own what you did. 

“’If you had any sense, you’d get rid of it’ – that’s the last thing you said to me. A scared, 19 year old girl who thought she was pregnant with your child. 

“Weren’t you curious? For all you knew I could have gone off by myself and had your baby. The doctor just looked bored – first day after Christmas break. 

“I was the fourth student to come in up the duff. He didn’t even glance up from his keyboard. When I went to the clinic, there were people outside singing hymns. 

“I got up, dusted myself up and threw myself into lectures and parties and no-one knew. But in here I was broken. I dropped out of uni, got a job, got another job and I drifted.”

She raged at him for how he reacted to her when they ran into each other – and he promised that he got it.

But when he demanded that she tell Sarah the truth, Lydia was furious.

She went to storm off but he tried to grab her and she violently pushed him off – and sent him flying over a balcony railing.

Horrified she left him for dead and rushed off but fans were devastated for her and what Adam did.

One wrote: “Oh no Adam!”

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A second said: “I didn’t expect that!!”

Another added: “OOOOOOOOOOOOH! Lydia what have you done?”

She then pushed him over a railing leaving fans in shock