Coronation Street shock as Sharon Bentley is revealed to be drug dealer Harvey’s AUNT as she hunts for Leanne Battersby


CORONATION Street fans are in shock after Sharon Bentley was revealed to be the aunt of drug dealer Harvey.

The foster daughter of Rita Tanner – who is played by actress Tracie Bennett in the ITV soap – visited the thug in prison in tonight’s episode confirming their relationship.

Sharon Bentley has been revealed as Harvey’s aunt

After her ham-fisted attempts to find out how to contact Leanne failed, Sharon disappeared.

It later emerged she had gone to the prison to visit Harvey.

“So, how’s my favourite nephew?” she said as she sat down.

He told her: “I’m alright me. I’ll be a lot better when you tell me where that little snake Leanne’s holed up though. Go on – start talking.”

Sharon visited her ‘favourite nephew’ in prison

“I promised my brother I’d look after you and I will,” she told him, as she filled him in on her hunt for Leanne.

Viewers know Leanne had gone undercover for the police to snare Harvey and save her son Simon – and now her family are in hiding until the trial.

But Harvey has sent his aunt in to hunt her down so he can force Leanne to change the evidence and be freed from prison.

And he’s not afraid to threaten his aunt into getting her to do his dirty work.

Fans have been left stunned by the revelation

“Good because you’d be nothing without my dad, you remember that,” he warned Sharon.

“The house and the business and the clothes you’ve got on your back – he gave you everything you own. But now he’s dead and I could easily just take that all away. 

“You find Leanne and Simon so I can get them to change the evidence and we can all live happily ever after.”

Fans were gobsmacked by the threat and in shock about Sharon helping him.

One wrote: “Omg she’s Harvey’s aunt!”

A second said: “OMG Harvey’s actually Sharon’s nephew, now seriously?!”

Another added: “I thought Sharon was working for Harvey! Never imagined they’d be related! Excellent twist!”