Coronation Street shock as Zeedan Nazir reveals who is trying to kill him


CORONATION Street fans are in shock after discovering who wants Zeedan Nazir dead.

The businessman returned to Weatherfield last week with a secret and tonight he was savagely attacked by two mystery men.

Coronation Street’s Zeedan was beaten up in tonight’s episode
Ryan Connor denied that it was him

He was set upon by two men and found battered in an alley way – and when questioned about what happened led the police to thinking Ryan Connor had attacked him.

Later Zeedan got a troubling phone call after he was discharged from the hospital with heavy breathing.

Ryan was furious at being framed but had a cast iron alibi and exposed Zeedan’s lies.

He stormed into the house, shouting: “Why is Craig Tinker interrogating me over some assault? 

“He just pulled my name out of a hat did he? As if I’d come after you. Craig didn’t say much after he found out I was working all afternoon with plenty of witnesses. 

“Didn’t think I’d need an alibi to you. Just as well I was working – otherwise you two would’ve thrown me to the wolves.”

But after Ryan left, Zeedan received another call and his suspicious behaviour saw Alya and Yasmeen confront him.

Revealing his marriage was over, Zeedan finally opened up and said his own father-in-law had threatened to kill him.

He told Yasmeen and Alya: “Mariam’s dad, my father-in-law wasn’t too happy about when he found out I left her. 

“He made threats. His sons were the ones who attacked me. I thought it was just heat of the moment stuff at the time – I didn’t think he was serious. 

“He said he’d kill me.”

Fans are terrified for Zeedan.

One wrote: “Zeedan is out of his debt with these gangsters. #CoronationStreet”

A second said: “I’m so happy Zeedan has come back to Corrie, but he his in laws seem pretty crazy.”

Another added: “Zeedan is in danger!! #Corrie”

Zeedan received a mysterious phone call