Coronation Street Sineads tragic death spoilt for fans by blunder as Daniel teleports between houses


CORONATION Street viewers were left sobbing after hugely emotional scenes showing new mum Sinead Tinker’s death from cervical cancer on the ITV soap.

Yet through their tears, they spotted something amiss about her husband, Daniel Osbourne, and his whereabouts.

Coronation Street fans think that Daniel’s teleporting blunder spoilt Sinead’s final scenes

Although Weatherfield, where the soap is set is relatively small, some eyebrows were raised as Rob Mallard’s character managed to be by Sinead’s bedside and at the blink of an eye, wash and change to be with the Barlow family in scenes shortly after.

This came after moments before he was seen in a boozed-up state in the ginnel.

Despite being wrapped up in the emotion of the long-running plotline, which Kate McGlynn worked on alongside charity Mummy’s Star, fans couldn’t help be a little distracted.

One took to Twitter to bluntly comment: “F**king hell, does everyone own a Tardis suddenly!”

Daniel told Sinead that he kissed Bethany

Another posted: “Bloody hell. Daniel got washed, changed and refreshed literally in the blink of an eye

right so did Daniel just teleport into the room?”

A second continued: “Wow, Daniel got over there quick! Did he jaunt?”

A third posted: “Did Daniel teleport? That was a quick wash/dress/walk over #Corrie.”

One then simply surmised: “Daniel got ready quick blimey.”

He said that he hated himself for what he had done to her

Despite all the heartache that Daniel has caused Sinead, fans were left in tears as she decided to forgive her husband of his cheating ways.

She said that the reason she had forgiven him was because of their son that they have together – and she didn’t want to leave Bertie behind without someone to love and look after him.

Although Sinead has been through a hard time, she managed to crack a joke with Daniel saying that if he didn’t she’d come back and haunt him as a poltergeist.

She also left a heartbreaking video message for Bertie to listen and said: “Hello Bertie. Its me, mummy. Im going to film loads of videos for your birthdays and all that. But first what I really want you to know is. I’m so so sorry I cant be with you in person. But know this. I love you very, very much. Lots and lots like jelly tots.

Sinead took some time to record a message for her son for when she isn’t around again

“I know I’m not going to be there for your first birthday. Your 18th. Your 21st and your engagement, wedding, whatever. Your first day at school. I wont get to meet your first girlfriend or boyfriend. I know thats really rubbish.

“But I want you to know ill be there in spirit. I know you cant see me. But Im there. I am. Just look around you. I’m there in the sun that pops up from behind a cloud. I’m there at the sound of the rain on the window. The crackle in a roaring fire in a country pub. and that bus that comes early.

“Be kind to people, respect women, well respect everyone really except for idiots. Dont worry if you dont like arctic role. I wasted years of my life pretending. You never pretend about anything. You be you.

“Be nice. I know, youre probably thinking that nice is overrated. I Ive learnt one thing in my 25 years on this planet. Nice can change the world. Look for the joys. and the laughs. Lifes when youre laughing.”