Coronation Street spoiler when does Fiz discover Jade is John Stapes daughter?


JADE Rowans evil revenge plan comes to an explosive head tonight as she plots to get custody of Hope and Ruby.

Fiz is told Hopes half-sister has come forward to look after her children and is horrified to realise the truth about Jade – she’s John Stape’s daughter.

The social worker tells Fiz that Hope has a half-sister in Corrie

When does Fiz discover that Jade is John Stapes daughter in Coronation Street?

Mondays episodes saw Jade take her evil plan to get custody of Fizs children a step further as she showed fake photographic evidence to Dr Gaddas.

The snaps showed fake bruises on Hopes arm.

Following her shocking lies, a social care worker called Christine announced an investigation into Fiz was underway and that shed have to move out for the time being.

In heart-breaking scenes, Fiz tearfully agreed to go and stay in a B&B so the girls can come home.

However, the suffering mothers world really comes crashing down in scenes tonight when the social care calls to say that theyve no choice but to take the kids into care.

Its then revealed that a relative of Hope has offered to look after the children.

Fiz and Tyrone reel in shock as they realise it’s Jade – and that she’s evil John Stape’s daughter.

Fiz and Tyrone realise Hope’s relative is Jade – and that she’s John Stape’s daughter in Corrie

Who is John Stape in Coronation Street?

John Stape was the on-off boyfriend of Fiz Brown until they got married in 2009.

He tormented the women he pursued during his time on the cobbles.

The villain kidnapped Rosie Webster twice and murdered Joy Fishwick and Charlotte Hoyle.

But his evil plans unravelled while kidnapping Rosie a second time after he was found out by her protective dad Kevin and crashed his car while trying to escape.

He later died from his injuries in hospital.

Jade wormed her way into Fiz’s family in Corrie

What has Jade done in Coronation Street?

Jade is out for revenge against Fiz – who she thinks is responsible for her fathers downfall and death.

The teaching assistant wiggled her way into Fizs life with the hope of winning custody of her children.

And the evil nanny has been plotting Fizs downfall in Coronation Street for months.

She has already attempted to get Fiz out of Hopes life after taking her to the doctors when she cut herself on glass.

And now shes trying a second time to get Hope and Ruby into foster care to get revenge on Fiz and swoop the children out of her life forever .

Viewers discovered she was John Stapes daughter after a creepy graveyard scene where Jade quoted John Milton over his coffin and wept I love you dad.

Jade has secretly been plotting Fiz’s downfall for months in Corrie

Will Fiz manage to stop Jade in Coronation Street?

Will the discovery about Jades real identity help Fiz find a way to prove her innocence and get her kids back before its too late?

Scheming Jade will shortly reveal her plan to whisk the kids off to France – will Fiz stop her before then?

Know that she knows who’s behind the lies about her bad parenting, Fiz definitely has more chance of proving she hasn’t ever hurt Hope.

But ITV bosses are yet to speak out about Fiz’s fate, and fans will have to tune in to find out.