Coronation Street spoilers: Abi Franklin caught up in dramatic car explosion but escapes blaze without a scratch


CORONATION Street’s feisty Abi Franklin becomes wrapped up in the heart of a dramatic car explosion – but all may not be as it seems.

New teaser images for the ITV soap show Sally Carman’s character witnessing the terrifying incident from the side of the road.

Coronation Street’s Abi Franklin is witness to a horror car explosion

Being a mechanic, Abi is all too aware of just what can go wrong with motor vehicles yet it is unclear whether the car is one she has been working on in Kevin Websters garage.

Images show the explosion taking place at the heart of Weatherfield, with flames bursting from the vehicle parked outside on the cobbled street.

This hints other characters could well become involved yet, for now, it is just the troubled mum who is seen witnessing the blaze.

Yet, in a huge plot twist, she is seen looking rather smug at the disaster scene.

The character looks on as flames spring from the vehicle

It is unclear whether mechanic Abi has been working on the vehicle involved

Abi is seen wearing a skintight green dress, leather jacket and heels, suggesting she has just come from a night out.

It is unclear whether she has played a role in starting the blaze yet shots show her with her mouth wide open in awe, and a surprised look on her face.

She then flashes a pout directly to the camera as she stands with her legs spread apart, looking confidently at the disarray unfolding before her eyes.

The character had a troubled festive period in Weatherfield when her love life came under the spotlight.

Sally Carman’s character appears all glammed up, coming home from a night out

Her love life was recently under the spotlight when she snogged sex pest Ray, leaving Kevin distraught

Fans were left expecting Kevin and Abi to succumb to their attraction to each other when she came back to work at the garage after losing her job, but Abi then rejected his advances for a quick snog with sex pest Ray.

Abi waltzed into No4, waxing lyrical about a steamy snog she shared with Ray.

But when Kevin emerged from the kitchen, Abi was horrified he’s overheard her and embarrassed to have hurt the mechanic.

Kevin then overheard Abi talking about him at the NYE party

Later, Ray called at the garage and is impressed to discover that Abi is a mechanic.

However, when Tim let slip that she learnt her trade in prison, creepy Ray made a sharp exit.

Abi Franklin is the mum of Seb Franklin, played by Harry Visinoni, and was introduced to viewers in October 2017.

When Abi first appeared on screen she was a recovering drug addict being monitored by social services because she had two small children, twins Lexi and Charlie.