Coronation Street spoilers: Daisy Midgeley takes shocking action against Daniel’s ex Nicky


AFTER rekindling her relationship with Daniel Osbourne, Daisy Midgeley gets desperate to keep her man at her side.

Next week, the barmaid takes action against her partner’s ex Nicky Wheatley in Coronation Street.

Daniel is helping his ex Nicky get her life back on track

Daisy is letting her insecurities get the better of her and it could have an impact on her relationship with Daniel (played by Rob Mallard).

The Rovers barmaid, portrayed by Charlotte Jordan, has recently reconnected with the teacher but is left unimpressed and feeling threatened when his ex Nicky (Kimberly Hart-Simpson) returns to Weatherfield.

Sabotaging their friendly reunion, Daisy eventually apologises for her jealous behaviour next week after being confronted with her lies.

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While all could be well, Daisy is startled once again when Daniel reveals Nicky has decided to apply for a teaching assistant post.

But when she learns that Max Turner (Paddy Bever) will be in her class, Daisy hatches a plan.

Meanwhile, Daniel helps Nicky prepare for her interview, pleased she’s so determined to remain on the straight and narrow.

Nicky asserts she wants to keep her history as a sex worker a secret and asks that Daisy never finds out.

Things don’t turn out as planned, however, as Daniel hears terrible news from Nicky.

She confides in him that her trial session didn’t go well.

Daniel eventually tells Daisy that Nicky failed to get the job and the barmaid is, at first glance, saddened by the news.

But behind Daniel’s back, Daisy shows clear relief.

Charlotte Jordan has teased her on-screen character will show off her dark side as she does all she can to get rid of Daniel’s ex, after being “taken off guard” by her arrival in the cobbles.

“I’ve said this before, but she’s a very impulsive character”, the actress said, before adding: “you know, she’s a beautiful lady asking about her boyfriend who she’s only just got back on a stable footing with. So Daisy being Daisy sees the threat and tries to get rid of them.”

“She’s very reactive. So you know, she’ll hear something from someone beautiful, like Nicky and just impulsively go ‘Waah! No, you can’t have them go away, bye’ and say something to get rid of her.”

How far is Daisy willing to go to keep Daniel from straying?

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But his girlfriend Daisy has other plans