Coronation Street spoilers: Ed bailey gambles again after son Michael’s DNA test shock


ED Bailey turns to gambling again after his son Michael’s DNA test shock next week in Coronation Street.

Michael recently discovered that his uncle Ronnie had a fling with Aggie years ago – and could be his dad. 

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Ed is gutted when Michael admits he’s done a DNA test behind his back

And next week, Michael will drop the bombshell on Ed that he’s done a DNA test. 

Ed is horrified and accuses Michael and Ronnie of going behind his back. 

Later in the week, Michael notices that Ed stayed out all night and asks him where he got to. 

Ed fabricates a story about staying behind at the builder’s yard to catch up on paperwork. 

But later, when Seb admits that he spent the night playing cards with Ed and Paul, Michael realises his dad is lying to him. 

Michael realises Ed is gambling again

Later, having put two and two together, Michael confronts Ed over his gambling .

Ed admits that he wanted to distract himself and doesn’t feel like being at home to face the music at the moment.

Later in the week, Michael and James learn from Aggie that Ed has taken money from their bank account.

They rush to search the bookies and casinos to find their dad.

Talking about why Michael feels compelled to order a DNA test and find out the truth, actor Ryan Russell said: “I think for Michael this is huge, just like it was huge when he had to find out if Gloria was actually his after the Tiana bombshell so I think he definitely needs to search for the truth, especially at this time when he’s become a father himself he’ll want to kind of know for certain who his father is just naturally with the timing.”

Speaking about how Michael’s decision upsets Ed, Trevor Michael Georges – who plays Ed – added: “I think it is hard. He knows that Michael is absolutely his son.

“Probably what’s hurting more than everything else is everyone else questioning it. That’s a little heartbreaking.

“He has to point out things to Michael that he thinks are obvious. Misunderstandings are fine but when it’s like somebody, a complete stranger, coming up to your family with a bit of invented gossip and everyone in your family being ready to believe it.

“That’s the bit that makes him feel uncomfortable and unsafe.”