Coronation Street spoilers: Eileen and Todd Grimshaw held at gunpoint by his vengeful gangster ex lover


TODD and Eileen Grimshaw are held at gunpoint next week in Coronation Street after trying to outwit Todd’s vengeful gangster ex lover Mick. 

Sean and Billy have been searching for Todd after discovering he disappeared after trying to scam the gangster. 

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Todd asks Eileen to wrongly identify a body at the mortuary and pretend it’s him

Todd will contact Eileen this week and admit he’s in grave danger. 

And next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Todd hatch a plan to get free from the gangster’s clutches as Eileen insists on going to the mortuary alone – much to the horror of Sean. 

Billy is shocked when Sean tells him that Todd could be dead. 

Meanwhile, Eileen heads to the mortuary battling a guilty conscience. 

Todd is furious when Eileen bails on their plan

Will she be able to go along with Todd’s plan and wrongly identity the body she’s about to see to save Todd’s skin?

Later, Eileen returns and tells a relieved Billy that it wasn’t Todd’s body after all. 

When Eileen calls Todd and tells him she backed out of their plans, he’s furious. 

Todd’s gangster ex lover bursts in
Todd’s ex holds him and Eileen at gun point

Later, Eileen complicates matters further by telling Mary that Todd is alive and doing well. 

Later, when Mary tells George about Eileen’s involvement with Mick Costello, he warns Mary that Mick is dangerous. 

Eileen meets Todd and tells him she’s sorry for letting him down. 

Todd tells her he understands but that he’ll have to disappear – and she’ll never see him again. 

Mick and his gang turn up at the furniture store

But later, Eileen tells Todd she’s scraped together £1300 to pay off Mick. 

Mary arrives and says George’s mate has offered to stage a mock funeral so Mick will think Todd is dead. 

Disaster strikes when Mick arrives at No.11 just as Todd is searching for Eileen’s cash. 

Todd hides as Mick tells Eileen that he and Todd were lovers but Todd stole from him. 

Mick accuses Gary of being in cahoots with Todd

When Mick hears a noise, he realises that Todd is upstairs and holds them at gunpoint.

Will the Grimshaws escape unharmed?

Later, Mick and one of his gang turn up at the furniture store and threaten Gary, believing he’s working with Todd. 

As they drive off, they almost run over Gail, who manages to get a pitcture of the registration plate. 

Later, Maria is horrified to find Gary bleeding in the furnitureshop. 

Where is Todd?

Will Gail save the day with the picture of the registration plate?