Coronation Street spoilers: Elaine moves in with Yasmeen as Alya grows suspicious


ELAINE moves in with Yasmeen next week in Coronation Street as Alya grows increasingly worried about her grandmother. 

Elaine – who is played by Paula Wilcox in the ITV soap – visited Yasmeen in prison last year and revealed she’d been abused by Geoff too amid the soap’s controversial coercive control storyline.

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Yasmeen tells Alya that Elaine is moving in with her

Yasmeen was finally freed from her abuse ordeal when her husband Geoff Metcalfe fell to his death from the house roof back in December. 

But Corrie viewers know that Yasmeen’s nightmare is far from over as she’s having to face up to the mountains of debt Geoff left her in.

Next week’s episodes of Corrie will see Alya express her doubts when Yasmeen announces Elaine is moving in with her. 

Alya is sceptical of Elaine’s move

Yasmeen brushes off Alya’s concerns and insists that she and Elaine share a unique bond and can help each other. 

Later, Elaine arrives with Tinkerbell the dog, while Alya watches on with scepticism.

Will Elaine help Yasmeen’s recovery?

Elaine visited Yasmeen in prison last year and revealed Geoff had abused her too

Last night’s Corrie saw Yasmeen reach breaking point as she received a County Court Judgement. 

Yasmeen locked herself in her house and clutched her chest, struggling to breathe.

Alya realised something was wrong and banged repeatedly on the door, begging her grandmother to let her in. 

When Yasmeen woke in hospital, Alya and Elaine expressed their fears that Yasmeen would never recover from her abuse ordeal.