Coronation Street spoilers: Emma Brooker kicks Seb out after he punches David Platt over Alina jealousy


THERE’s bad news for troublesome Seb Franklin next week in Coronation Street when Emma dumps him and boots him out of the house.

The spurned lover realises she’s not top of Seb’s list when he grows jealous of David and Alina’s date. 

David gets cosy with Alina

Corrie viewers watched Seb grow close with newcomer Alina last year when she arrived on the cobbles. 

But their fleeting romance was brought to a quick close when Seb realised  she was being people trafficked.

Alina had been brought over and forced to work in the chain of beauty salons.

Seb was determined to take action but he bit off more than he could chew as the gang bundled him into a car and kidnapped him.

Alina was later forced to say goodbye to Seb as she announced she was going back to Romania, leaving the pair heartbroken. 

Viewers watched Alina return last Christmas for Seb only to realise he’d moved on with Emma. 

This week, Emma starts to have doubts about Seb as she notices him sniffing around Alina. 

Seb punches David after he goads him about Alina

Next week’s episodes of Corrie will see Seb show his true feelings for Alina when he sees her on a date with David – much to Emma’s dismay. 

In the upcoming scenes, David is stunned when Shona tells him she wants a divorce. 

David visits Clayton and tries to get him to stay away from his wife, but Clayton laughs in his face. 

David realises that Clayton has poisoned Shona against him and decides it’s time to move on. 

When David heads for a drink he sets his sights on Alina in Victoria Garden, who also looks upset.

David sits down next to her and offers her a drink. 

When she says yes, there’s clear chemistry between the pair. 

Before she can stop him, David texts Nick claiming that Alina’s ill and that she needs the rest of the day off.

Emma tells Seb that she’s concerned about Alina who seems to be avoiding them. 

Later, in the Rovers, Seb starts to row with David when he spots that he’s been getting cosy with Alina. 

Things escalate rapidly when David accuses him of being jealous and Seb flies into a rage and punches him in the face. 

Emma is horrified and later tells Seb that it’s clear he still has feelings for Alina. 

Emma then finishes with him and demands that he move out. 

Will Seb pursue Alina or make things up with Emma?