Coronation Street spoilers: Escort Nicky pushed to brink by grief-stricken Daniel as he struggles with Sinead’s death


CORONATION Street’s Nicky has been pushed to the edge by Daniel as he struggles to cope with Sinead’s death.

His wife died of cancer last year and left Daniel behind along with son Bertie.

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Escort Nicky will pushed to the brink by grief-stricken Daniel

Nicky starts to become very wary of Daniel and grows uneasy about the nature of their private meetings.

Daniel was shocked to discover what Nicky does for a living, but since then things between them have taken an unusual turn.

On Monday viewers watched in disbelief as Nicky dressed in Sinead’s clothes and even wore her perfume as they snuggled on the bed together.

Daniel is still paying for Nicky for a service, but the pair have have not been engaging in anything intimate.

Daniel pays Nicky for a service but the pair have not engaged in anything intimate

Unfortunately for Daniel, his strange dynamic with Nicky may not last much longer, with TV Times suggesting growing unease from the newcomer.

Although she’s initially happy to take Daniel’s money, Nicky soon starts to reconsider her business arrangement with Daniel.

This because she realises the young widower is becoming emotionally attached to her, as he continues to come to terms with the loss of Sinead.

Will Nicky put a stop to their secret rendezvous and encourage Daniel to seek professional help? And if so, will he listen and take her advice?

Daniel met Nicky at an event and was stunned to find out she was an escort

Actor Rob Mallard told TV Times that the “reality is” Daniel hasn’t yet faced up to Sinead’s death.

He explained: “When Daniel is on the cobbles or with his family, he is acting as though he has found a way to move forward.”

“The reality is that behind closed doors he hasn’t moved on at all.”