Coronation Street spoilers: Gemma Winter faces off against old enemy as postnatal depression blog majorly backfires


CORONATION Street’s Gemma Winter squares off against an old enemy as her postnatal depression blog goes wrong.

The mother-of-four had been using her platform to write about her experiences regarding postnatal depression and it has caused a surprising person to emerge.

Gemma comes into contact with old enemy on her postnatal depression blog

As a result of talking her struggles, women were inspired to get in touch to talk about their own struggles.

Bur sadly, one of the women is Vanessa, who was giving her grief at the baby groups she was going to.

She was very upset after she overheard Vanessa and her friend Imogen say some horrible things about her.

Now the fellow baby mother has found another way to get under Gemma’s skin, her family and friends are concerned she will get hurt again and her newfound confidence which could so long to build will disappear.

Actress Dolly-Rose Campbell spoke previously about Gemma’s last interactions with Vanessa and Imogen.

Gemma found some new confidence since talking about her struggles as a mum on her blog
Gemma has suffered from postnatal depression since giving birth to four babies

“Meeting these women, while she enjoys spending time with them, isn’t helping Gemma’s feelings of inadequacy.

“But as time goes on, it is going to become clear that there is more to it than that.

“Gemma has no idea that this may be a medical problem – she does not know that at this stage.”

Gemma once left her babies on the bus and Chesney had to find them

The kebab shop worker has endured a tough time since she gave birth to ‘the quads’ and once was so depressed that she imagined killing her babies by pushing them in front of a bus.

But while waiting for a bus Gemma imagined pushing the pram containing all four of her quadruplets in front of the oncoming bus, before snapping back to reality when Gemma kept hold of the handlebars.

However, when Gemma got on the bus she panicked and ran away – leaving the babies behind forcing a horrified Chesney to step in and chase after the bus to save his babies.