Coronation Street spoilers: George Shuttleworth’s sister Glenda arrives on the cobbles

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GEORGE Shuttleworth gets a visit from another familiar face from his past next week.

The Coronation Street undertaker portrayed by Tony Maudsley is set to welcome his sister Glenda on the cobbles.

George is set to welcome his sister Glenda on the cobbles

Actress Jodie Prenger will make her debut next week

What will she be up to?

After dealing with his school bully Frank Bardsley, George Shuttleworth will be reunited with another face and it will be even closer to home.

But before he can reunite with his sister Glenda, George faces some dental health issues after he’s given overcooked pork by Sean Tully.

George takes a bite in the meat but is alarmed when he realises he’s broken a tooth.

His partner Eileen Grimshaw (played by Sue Cleaver) urges him to go see a dentist but George insists Mr Pugh’s funeral has to come first.

After a scuffle outside the funeral home, the big day finally arrives and George attends Mr Pugh’s funeral as promised.

But before he can enlist the help of a dentist, he reveals he’s had to take Eileen’s strong painkillers to ease his toothache and Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce) realises he’s as high as a kite.

Unable to handle him, Todd shoves George into one of the funeral cars.

Mrs Pugh arrives and gives Todd the third degree – while George’s sister Glenda makes her way towards them.

She clocks George in the back of the funeral car and takes charge of the proceedings.

Later on, Glenda, Todd and Sean celebrate how well the funeral went, despite George being unable to be present.

He arrives and is thrilled to see his sister, whom he introduces to Eileen.

Accomplished theatre star Jodie Prenger is leaving the stage for the screen as she takes on the role of Glenda Shuttleworth next week.

Glenda will be rocking up to the cobbles as she tries to get away from someone she’s been having an affair with.

Jodie spoke to Metro about her upcoming role in the Manchester-based soap, claiming it had been written just for her.

“I know I sound like a soppy sod, but it’s been on my bucket list to be in Coronation Street since I was little”, she said.

“It’s an honour, it truly is a very special moment in my life.”

“To be part of something my family and I have loved for so long. And what a character, oh I have to say, total dream part.”

“I can’t wait for you all to meet fun and sassy Glenda, George Shuttleworth’s sister.”

What will she be up to?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV.

George will be pleased to see his sister

But could she be bringing trouble for him?
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