Coronation Street spoilers: Hope in danger as evil nanny Jade takes her to visit serial killer dad John Stapes grave


CORONATION Street youngster Hope Stape is in grave danger from evil nanny Jade Rowan who takes her to a cemetery to pay tribute to her father.

Jade, whose sinister plan for Tyrone and Fiz’s daughter has partially come to light on the ITV soap, takes the schoolgirl to visit the tombstone of dad John, a convicted killer.

Coronation Street’s evil nanny Jade Rowan takes her plan for Fiz Stape to the next level

John died in 2011 after crashing his car into the back of a lorry, and the pair are seen heading to the memorial gardens to pay special tribute to him.

Teaser images show Jade in a magenta coloured coat and pink scarf holding Hope’s hand as they stroll to the right grave.

They then kneel down for a closer look and the nanny is seen chatting quietly to Hope.

It transpires she is telling her a huge family secret – that she is her half sister – with the news leaving Hope so overwhelmed she pulls in for a hug.

The character has been meddling in Tyrone and Fiz’s relationship with their daughter
Teaser images show Jade taking Hope to a gravestone
It transpires to be the memorial for Hope’s father, John Stape
Hope goes armed with flowers to commemorate the life of her dad who died in 2011
She is dealt a bombshell when Jade reveals she is her half sister
The pair are seen sharing the moment at the grave
Jade’s confession is part of a wider plan to take Hope into her care

Both start crying as the reality of their family connection is revealed, and they remain huddled by each other crouching on the ground.

Last week, HOAR Online reported how Jade is set for an explosive exit from the Corrie cobbles after attempting to ruin Tyrone and Fiz’s lives.

Aside from dropping family bombshell secrets, she has been plotting to take Hope into her care.

Bosses have hinted the shocking plot will culminate in both Hope and sister Ruby being removed from the distraught couple.

She cuddles the youngster in an attempt to comfort her
Hope has been developing a close bond with the evil nanny of late
Soap bosses have hinted the explosive plot will not be a happy one for Fiz and Tyrone

Yet actress Lottie Henshall has hinted Jade’s motives might not be as they seem.

“Jade’s intention is just to keep Hope safe, she genuinely thinks that Fiz is a bad person, she has been brainwashed into thinking that,” Lottie

“So her priority is Hope, and looking after Hope, so she’ll go to any lengths to make sure that Hope is okay.”