Coronation Street spoilers: Maria kidnapped by Ali Neeson in terrifying car ordeal – as his exit storyline is revealed


ALI Neeson traps Maria Connor in his car as he tries to convince her of Gary Windass’s evil antics.

It comes after Gary gives Ali a taste of his own medicine for sniffing around his fiancée Maria and poisons him with diazepam.

Ali traps Maria in his car

Viewers have watched the painful love triangle between Ali, Maria and Garry carry on for months in Corrie.

The doctor previously dumped Maria after struggling to kick his drug addiction, but regretted his decision when she moved on with villain Gary.

In next week’s episodes of Corrie, Gary decides to teach Ali a lesson for stepping on his toes and sleeping with Maria.

Disaster strikes when Ali is rushed into hospital having overdosed on diazepam.

Watching on, Toyah reluctantly tells Imran about Ali’s drug addiction and how she’s been taking risks to help him kick it.

When Ali regains consciousness, Ryan tells him he took an overdose but the doctor swears blind he hasn’t touched the drug and that Gary must have spiked him.

Ali ends up in hospital, but denies taking diazepam
Ali ends up in hospital, but denies taking diazepam

Later, the doctor is desperate to prove his innocence and sets out to find evidence.

Spotting Ali in his car, Maria climbs in and quizzes him about the overdose.

But a frenzied Ali locks her in and tells her about Gary’s evil antics.

Maria begs to be let out and starts yanking the door handle, but Ali ignores her and starts the car.

When he finally lets her out, she rushes home in a state and tells Gary what’s happened.

But the dodgy dealer convinces her that he did nothing and that Ali has lost the plot.

Gary warns Ali to stay away from Maria
Gary warns Ali to stay away from Maria

Meanwhile, Ali confides in Ryan and says he can’t bear to watch Maria throw her life away on Gary and that he’s leaving.

In the Rovers Return’s backyard, Ali explains to Maria that he’s heading for pastures new and they wish each other well.

The doctor also apologises to Toyah for all the trouble he’s caused her.

When his goodbyes are over, Ali departs from the cobbles once and for all.

Ali says his goodbyes as he leaves the Street
Ali says his goodbyes as he leaves the Street

Corrie previously confirmed that James Burrows is set to leave the cobbles after two years playing Ali.

Fans were convinced he’d be murdered at the hands of Gary, but it’s looking like he won’t be leaving the soap in a body bag.

Off the cobbles, James revealed last August how he proposed to his girlfriend Sophie Coates in the middle of a lake.

James revealed that he and and Sophie had welcomed their daughter Betty in April 2019.

James kept the news under wraps until June 2019 when he announced they’d had a child on Instagram.