Coronation Street spoilers: Max Turner lured to Griff’s flat as grooming horror begins


TROUBLESOME Max Turner is to be involved in a new jaw-dropping storyline.

The teen played by Paddy Bever is lured into eco-warrior Griff’s flat and his turmoil begins next week in Coronation Street.

Max is getting embroiled with a bad crowd

The teen has been having a hard time in the cobbles

Eco-warrior Griff will be using that to his advantage

Max has wreaked havoc in the cobbles in recent months, most notably due to his ongoing feud with Daniel Osbourne which almost cost him his life.

But after his behaviour got him kicked out of Weatherfield High, the lad has been trying to get his act together.

Coming up on ITV, Max and Daryan begin their new jobs at Speed Daal – but it doesn’t all go as planned.

Max first bumps into Daryan, causing him to drop a pile of cutlery.

The youngster is also introduced to newcomer Lauren, whom he speaks to about his first shift at Speed Daal.

Lauren is set to become a key element in Max’s grooming storyline as she suggests Daryan is shown favouritism in the restaurant.

In later scenes, she goes to Speed Daal to see Max and Alya Nazir offers them dinner with a staff discount.

But as Max is made up, Lauren makes out she doesn’t feel well and heads out.

While at eco-activist Griff’s flat, Lauren lies to Max that Daryan was coming onto her.

But things go from bad to worse when Max calls at Griff’s flat again and he’s ordered by the him to watch a film as it’s time he was properly educated.

Griff then offers him £200 to promote a talk he’s giving at the community centre.

Corrie fans have been suspicious of Griff, portrayed by Game of Thrones actor Michael Condron, since his first appearance in Weatherfield.

His true motives are becoming increasingly clearer as time goes by.

On Friday, October 28, Griff took Peter Barlow to a concert with the band playing racist songs.

During last night’s (October 31) trip to the cobbles, Griff set his sights on Max as the youngster was being ganged up on by Blake and Chris.

After introducing himself to Max, Griff managed to strike a chord when he took care of his bullies for him.

Griff notably threw Chris on the ground, threatening the bullies and getting them to back off.

To top it all off, Max was invited to a Halloween party where he was introduced to Griff’s extremist friends – and an undercover Spider Nugent who is keeping a close eye on the group.

What’s in store for Max?

How far will he have to go for Griff?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV.

Griff will be grooming Max to spread around his extremist propaganda

Could an undercover Spider Nugent help the teen avoid danger?
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