Coronation Street spoilers: Michelle Connor to scam cheating Robert Preston of everything he has in revenge plan


CORONATION Street has confirmed that Michelle will plan to get her revenge on Robert by swindling him out of every penny he owns.

The long-suffering character – played by Kym Marshwill hatch a plan to destroy Robert after finding out about his affair but will she get her sweet revenge?

Michelle will jilt Robert at the altar in Coronation Street

Coronation Street fans have watched in horror as Robert has weaved a web of lies while trying to romance pregnant Vicky Jefferies behind Michelles back.

In a recent episode, Michelles suspicions were aroused after Robert was admitted to hospital following a gruesome car crash, and deliciously asked her about the other baby.

Viewers then witnessed Robert at the end of his tether this week as he tried to stop his women bumping into one another at the hospital.

Michelle then followed him along with wingwoman Carla and his affair finally dawned on her as she saw him shouting at Vicky in broad daylight on the street outside her house.

Fans will have seen the long-suffering fiancee’s mouth drop open in horror as Vicky swivelled round and she saw her pregnant bump.

Robert has been cheating on Michelle with pregnant Vicky for months in Coronation Street
A scheming Michelle has agreed to go ahead with the wedding in Corrie

Returning back at the flat, Michelle stunned Robert with the news that shed followed him to Macclesfield and seen his pregnant Irish girlfriend.

Viewers will know that she demanded the truth in the emotional long-awaited scene: Thats your baby isnt it? And with that skank she spat.

Coronation Street has already confirmed that Michelle will get her revenge on Roberts wedding day after agreeing to go ahead with the big commitment.

Robert will be lost for words as Michelle reveals all to the guests at the wedding before brutally jilting him at the altar.

Michelle followed Robert to Vicky’s and discovered his affair in Coronation Street

And the Sun Online exclusively revealed last month that Michelles revenge plan will be a double whammy as she is also set to scam her cheating fiancee out of the Bistro.

Fans will also already know that Robert will suggest taking the Bistro up a notch and creating a franchise – and that Michelle is quick to agree.

However, in further scenes not yet aired, Adam will advise Michelle not to continue with her risky plan to swindle the bistro from Robert.

But it seems unlikely that Michelle will hold back after Robert accidentally lets slip that Vicky knows about her traumatic ordeal with her miscarriage baby Ruairi – a move likely to push Michelle over the edge.

In the upcoming scenes, a relieved Robert will tell Michelle its time to gather their family to tell them about the upcoming wedding and Michelle agrees – while hiding her disgust for the love rat.

Later, she tells Carla that he hasnt done enough to win her back – and that she plans to swindle him out of every single penny he has.

With exact details unconfirmed, Coronation Street fans will have to tune in to find out how exactly her revenge plan unfolds next week.

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