Coronation Street spoilers: Nick Tilsley makes horrifying discovery after Harvey’s prison break


NICK Tilsley makes a shocking discovery after Harvey Gaskell’s prison van escape next week in Coronation Street. 

The drugs lord – who is played by Will Mellor in the ITV soap – will resume his reign of terror on the cobbles after his prison van collides into Dev Alahan’s stationary car.

Harvey returns to the cobbles
Harvey seeks revenge against Leanne Battersby

As the Alahans are left fighting for their lives, Harvey pulls himself out of the van in the torrential rain and prepares to leg it.

Clearly he makes it as later in the week, Leanne, dressed as Morticia for Halloween, finds herself face to face with her nemesis Harvey in the Bistro.

Harvey traps Leanne in the building and, when she tries to make a run for it, he gags her and ties her hands together with gaffer tape.

Leanne eventually manages to break away but as a dramatic chase ensues on the cobbles, the Platt’s giant sinkhole rips open and swallows one of them up. 

Who has fallen into the water below?

Corrie bosses have teased that Nick will then make a shocking discovery at the flat.

Has Harvey taken revenge against Leanne?

Viewers know that Harvey was locked behind bars after Leanne decided to team up with the police to protect her son Simon.

The villain had terrorised Leanne for months as he groomed Simon into delivering his drugs. 

Talking about whether Harvey’s return could lead to Leanne’s death, actress Jane Danson recently told The Daily Star: “This is really difficult but it’s safe to say he’s not going to come out happy, Leanne has definitely got to watch her back.

“Could she die? I mean I hope not cos it would be the end of my job. But anything can happen in the soap world.”

Harvey chases Leanne across the cobbles
Nick makes a shocking discovery