Coronation Street spoilers: Nick Tilsley steals son Sam’s inheritance from his murdered mum Natasha

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WHILE Harvey Gaskell remains on his list of worries, Nick Tilsley is also concerned to leave the Bistro to a new owner.

Next week in Coronation Street, he resorts to stealing his son Sam’s inheritance money to buy the restaurant.

Nick and Leanne have been determined to get ownership of the Bistro

But they’re struggling financially

Nick gets an idea which could cause his own son Sam trouble

The businessman played by Ben Price and his partner Leanne Battersby have been worried sick about Sam Blakeman and his growing bond with an incarcerated Harvey Gaskell.

But aside from the criminal’s lingering impact on the young boy, the pair have also been hoping to get ownership of the Bistro.

Unfortunately, money is tight for both Leanne and Nick which meant they could only make Debbie Webster a poxy offer.

Coming up next week on ITV, Leanne (portrayed by Jane Danson) tells Nick it’s time to admit to Debbie that they can’t afford to buy the restaurant.

However, Debbie (Sue Devaney) later approaches them and tells them she’ll accept their offer for the Bistro.

Leanne and Nick celebrate the deal but are interrupted by Lynne’s builder.

As viewers may know, Lynne was initially interested in buying the restaurant before pulling out for mysterious reasons.

It turns out that Lynne gave up on the Bistro when she learned the place is riddled with dry rot, meaning Nick and Leanne now have to pay extra to get it all fixed.

Leanne confronts Debbie in the Rovers and makes a lunge for her.

To make matters worse, Ed Bailey quotes £20k to fix the dry rot.

In later scenes, Nick has an idea and tells Leanne they’ll need to see if Sam will let them use the money he inherited from his late mother Natasha.

Sam (Jude Riordan) tells his father he’d like to use the money left by her to pay his university fees – but Nick seems to have other ideas.

The restaurateur tells Leanne he spoke to Natasha’s sister, Melissa, who was happy to let them use the inheritance money and signed the paperwork necessary for them to have the money in their account within hours.

But is all really as it seems?

Harvey Gaskell (Will Mellor) could be more involved in the transaction than expected.

When they accompany Sam to see the criminal and prison, Nick and Leanne stay on their guard.

But Nick is handed a piece of paper by Harvey who tells him he has spare cash for him to spend on the Bistro.

In a later call, Harvey tells Nick their offer still stands.

Will Nick really steal his son’s inheritance?

Or will he make a deal with the devil?

Coronation Street airs on ITV.

Harvey is still in the picture

Could Nick make a deal with the criminal?