Coronation Street spoilers: Nina Lucas devastated as Abi Franklin bans her from Seb’s funeral


Nina Lucas is devastated as Abi Franklin makes clear she isn’t welcome at her son Seb’s funeral next week in Coronation Street. 

The grieving mum – who is played by actress Sally Carmen in the ITV soap – blamed Nina for her son’s death after discovering the gang attacked them because she is a goth.

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Nina realises Abi has barred her from Seb’s funeral

Nina was devastated and later scrubbed her makeup off and ditched her clothes. 

Next week, Nina is stunned when George reveals when Seb’s funeral is taking place, realising that Abi hasn’t told her and clearly doesn’t want her to attend.

Asha feels bad for Nina and tries to offer her support.  

Later, Asha continues on her mission to expose Corey, who framed Kelly for the attack, as Seb’s murderer.

Abi blamed Nina for Seb’s death
Nina and Seb were attacked because she was dressed as a goth

Later, Asha meets up with Corey and kicks off her plan, telling him she misses him.

He falls for her act and tries to convince her to spend the afternoon with him in the empty flat upstairs.

A horrified Asha tries to wiggle her way out of the situation, telling him she hopes they can be together one day but that for now they’re better off as friends.

Will Corey cotton onto Asha’s plan?