Coronation Street spoilers: Paedophile Kel takes Bernie hostage after she tells the police about Pauls abuse


CORONATION Street viewers should brace themselves for some emotional scenes as paedophile Kel holds Bernie hostage after she reports his abuse to the police.

Kel – whos played by Joe Alessi – will take Bernie hostage after she discovers sickening pictures that prove Kel abused her son and urges Paul to make a statement against his former stepfather.

Bernie decides to take matters into her own hands about paedo Kel in Coronation Street

Viewers of the ITV soap will know that Paul has been acting out ever since his former stepdad Kel arrived back on the cobbles in September.

The vulnerable character was shocked to realise that hed been abused after he attempted to rekindle his relationship with Kel.

He then realised his former stepdad had only been interested in him as a child, and beat Kel unconscious in the ginnel.

Corrie villain Kel will hold Bernie hostage after she reports him to the police
Paul is distressed that Bernie has reported Kel but later agrees to make a statement in Coronation Street

HOAR Online has already reported that Bernie is set to discover horrifying evidence that her ex abused Paul as a boy in an upcoming episode.

Kel is behind a bunch of burglaries which lead Gemma and Bernie to his flat – where they will be disgusted to find illegal pictures proving hes a paedophile.

And in further upcoming episodes, it all kicks off as Bernie reports Kel to the police for sexual abuse.

During Kels interview, Kel is shocked when the police show him the sickening photos found at his flat.

But later, he warns Bernie shell regret crossing him which will have viewers fearing hell want his revenge against his former lover for her betrayal.

Paul later confirms that Kels been arrested but is anxious about giving a statement even though he wants the paedophile behind bars.

Meanwhile, a vengeful Kel steals the house key and holds Bernie hostage at No.5 – but will Gemma and Chesney come to her rescue?

HOAR Online exclusively revealed last month that Bernie will fly into a frenzy and attempt to end Kels life after discovering the photos which prove he abused her son along with other children.

Fans will have to tune into Corrie to find out what exactly will happen to Bernie and Kel, as exact storyline details are being kept under wraps for now.