Coronation Street spoilers: Ronnie Bailey tells a shocked Ed he could be Michael’s father after fling with Aggie


RONNIE Bailey tells his brother Ed that had a fling with Aggie – and that he could be Michael’s father. 

Ronnie – who is played by Vinta Morgan – unsettled Aggie when he burst onto the cobbles last month. 

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Ronnie’s estranged wife Kat demands to know why he’s on the cobbles

Aggie quickly admitted to Grace Vickers that Ronnie’s presence made her uncomfortable because he always manages to lead Ed astray. 

But next week Ronnie will reveal there’s more to the story as he reveals a huge family secret. 

Viewers will see Ed irritated when Ronnie offers to fund Michael’s gender reveal party for the baby. 

Ronnie wanders off and answers his phone when he’s sure he’s out of earshot, telling the caller to stop haranguing him. 

Kat warns Ronnie not to destroy his family
Ronnie tells Ed he’s here to discover if Michael is his son

Later, everyone is left reeling when Ronnie’s estranged wife Kat turns up out of the blue and demands to know why he’s been ignoring her calls. 

Kat accuses Ronnie of running off with Aggie and when she refuses to back down, Ronnie explains he’s on the cobbles to find out if Michael is really his son. 

Ed arrives and demands to know who Kat is, but she’s stung when Ronnie introduces her as a business partner. 

Michael is thrilled when Grace gives birth to a baby girl

Later, Kat warns Ronnie he might destroy his family with his revelation. 

Meanwhile, Grace is rushed to hospital after feeling a contraction.

While Grace gives birth, Ed asks Ronnie why he’s so on edge and he admits he had a relationship with Aggie before Ed met her. 

As Ed tries to process what Ronnie has said, Michael announces that Grace has given birth to a baby girl.

Later in the week, Ronnie calls round with gifts for the baby but an angry Ed orders him to stay away. 

Later, Michael tells Ed they’ve had to put the baby back on a ventilator and Ronnie offers to buy Michael a car as he’ll be driving back and forth from the hospital.

Ed is furious but bites his tongue for the sake of Michael and the baby.