Coronation Street spoilers: Sarah Platt discovers proof Gary murdered Rick Neelan


CORONATION Street’s Sarah has found proof that Gary murdered Rick Neelan.

There’s no more hiding and sneaking around for the corrupt businessman as he comes clean to his ex about what he did to the former loan shark.

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Sarah finds proof that Gary killed Rick Neelan

In future episodes fans will see Gary give Bernie a wad of cash and make it seem like he wants the watch back for his Dad’s birthday and pleads with her to buy it back from Sarah.

Bernie does her best to convince Sarah into selling her the watch and offers her twice the amount she paid for it. 

Once she realises it is Gary who wants it, Sarah refuses and makes a beeline for him demanding to know if he killed Rick.

Sarah then opens the boot of Gary’s van to find a shovel, latex gloves and a bag. Gary tells her he did it to save her and the kids and that he never stopped loving her.

Sarah runs away from Gary as she calls 999
Gary killed Rick while he was in a relationship with Sarah last year

A horrified Sarah dials 999 and runs away into the path of a car, but Gary pushes her out of the way just in time and he is hit by the oncoming vehicle.

Gary is out cold on the cobbles and Sarah pleads with him to wake up. 

Having witnessed the whole incident, Tyrone phones for an ambulance.

Adam and a panicky Maria arrive at the hospital and Sarah describes how she was on her phone, stepped out in front of a van and Gary saved her life.

Gary pushes Sarah out of the way of an oncoming car
As a result of saving Sarah, Gary lies unconscious in the road

When Tyrone describes how he saw Sarah running and Gary chasing after her before the accident Sarah makes out that it was pure coincidence that Gary happened to be there. 

Adam senses she’s lying but keeps his counsel and tells the police she is too shaken to give a statement.

The scenes between Gary and Sarah were part of Corrie’s first socially-distanced stunt.

To avoid contact between the actors and to adhere to the UK’s social distancing guidelines, a mannequin was dressed in Sarah’s clothes and used in place of Tina in certain shots.

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