Coronation Street spoilers: Simon Barlow refuses to stop drug dealing after Nick Tilsley warns him off son Sam


SIMON Barlow refuses to stop drug dealing after Nick Tilsley warns him off son Sam. 

The wayward teenager – who is played by Alex Bain in the ITV soap – will put his brother Sam in danger this week as he leaves him with drugs while carrying out a dangerous kidnapping with drug dealer Jacob.

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Nick is horrified when Sam tells him he witnessed Simon and Jacob kidnapping a teenager

Next week’s episodes of Corrie will see Simon corner Sam and assure him that the kidnapping was just a prank and that nobody got hurt. 

But later, Nick gets a call from school to say that Sam has had a meltdown and lashed out at another pupil. 

Nick eventually manages to get the truth out of Sam about Simon and Jacob, and confronts Leanne. 

Nic confronts Leanne about Simon’s behaviour

When she turns to Simon, he insists the whole thing was just a prank, but Nick doesn’t believe a word of it and orders Simon to stay away from his son.

Nick’s words go in one ear and out the other as Simon later tells Jacob he’s got his bag back and is ready to complete the delivery.

Leanne confronts him when she spies the drugs packages and urges him to go to the police, but Simon snaps and tells Leanne he’s dealing so he can put food on the table. 

Simon brings home Jacob and Leanne retreats to her room

Simon continues to hang out with Jacob and brings him back to Leanne’s flat

Later, when Simon returns home with Jacob, a terrified Leanne retreats to her room. 

When she finally emerges, she’s horrified to see Simon and Jacob counting their drugs money. 

It all kicks off when Leanne objects, with Jacob mumbling a nasty comment about her dead son Oliver. 

Leanne objects when she finds them counting drugs money

Leanne is terrified when she emerges from her room to see them counting drugs money

As Leanne flies into a rage and tries to grab him, she’s devastated as she smashes Oliver’s music box. 

Speaking about how Leanne reacts to Nick’s accusation next week, actress Jane Danson – who plays Leanne – revealed: “She’s horrified and demands Simon tell her exactly what happened. Of course Simon lies, making out it was just a prank so Leanne’s torn, she wants to believe him but she’s got a feeling that something just isn’t right, a mother’s instinct I guess.”

Speaking about how grieving Leanne struggles to cope with Simon when he brings Jacob back to her home, she added: “Leanne is a bit of a shell of herself right now and she’s just not equipped to deal with this, she hasn’t got the fight in her.”

She added: “The Leanne of old would be dragging him out but she just doesn’t have the strength and finds herself hiding in her room.”