Coronation Street spoilers – Stalker Lydia plots fresh terror for victim Adam; plus EastEnders & Emmerdale latest


FANS were left shocked as Lydia got away with intruding in Sarah and Adam’s flat – and it seems her campaign of terror is far from over.

In Friday’s Corrie episode she was seen breaking into his apartment to terrorise him and wife Sarah Platt after taking her keys – and going through the couple’s belongings.

She even rifled through Adam’s personal items and took a copy of his credit card for later use. Lydia then let herself out before making a copy of the key and heading out.

But later she returned to undo her handiwork when she discovered the man Adam had suspected of the stalking was in police custody.

However she found herself trapped in the flat when Sarah and Adam returned – but managed to sneak out, only to then invite herself in to crash their night.

After an awkward drink, Lydia heads out – after she purposefully left her gloves on the sofa.

Later Sarah chased after her to return them when Lydia told her the new man she’s dating is married. When Sarah took her out for a drink, she confessed she was seeing her ex without his wife’s knowledge. Later, deep in the night, Lydia placed a set of sexy lingerie in her desk drawer.

Will Lydia’s plot be foiled before it spells real trouble for Adam and Sarah?

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