Coronation Street spoilers: Stu Carpenter hides dark family secret from Yasmeen Nazir as he finds his daughter

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FORMER homeless man Stu Carpenter has been estranged from his family for several years.

When Yasmeen Nazir tries to help him find his daughter, the Corrie favourite is scared one of his secrets will be exposed.

Yasmeen tries to get Stu back in touch with his daughter

He first berates her for finding her address

What is he hiding?

What was life like for Stu Carpenter before he wound up in the cobbles?

Since making his first steps in Weatherfield, the beloved character played by Bill Fellows made sure to keep his past under wraps.

It slowly came to light, however, that he has a daughter named Bridget who wanted nothing to do with him.

Next week, Yasmeen Nazir (portrayed by Shelley King) takes it upon herself to bring them together but Stu is furious and berates for interfering.

He’s not pleased to discover she has even found Bridget’s new address as he kept sending gifts to her old home.

Kelly Neelan gets involved and urges Stu to give it a try and he agrees, albeit reluctantly.

He arrives at Bridget’s doorstep and knocks but she immediately panics, ordering him to leave.

Heartbroken, Stu begs her to hear him out and assures her that he never hurt anyone – but what is he referring to?

As mentioned above, Stu has kept his past a secret but small details were soon found out.

The Speed Daal chef had notably picked up the habit of sending his daughter gifts but was distraught when he was informed she had moved away without telling him.

This led to him drowning his sorrows mid-shift at the Weatherfield restaurant and Yasmeen’s grandson Zeedan tried to handle the situation alone.

Zeedan even got Stu out of trouble for drinking on the job, leaving Yasmeen profoundly touched by the gesture.

Stu eventually had no choice but to admit to Yasmeen what had truly been going on.

Aside from the secrets he feels the need to keep to himself, Stu won’t be impressed to find out he has some competition on the Street.

Stephen Reid takes an interest in Yasmeen after Elaine Metcalfe and flirts with her – but the restaurant owner isn’t having it.

She makes it clear to Stu that she’s only interested in him.

Could this change once she finds out what he’s been hiding?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV.

Stu sees his estranged daughter face to face

But she’s not keen to speak with him

Could Stu’s secrets make him lose points with Yasmeen?