Coronation Street spoilers: Stu Carpenter hit by another shock after Charlie’s murderers are arrested

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CHARLIE Walters’ murder is still haunting Stu Carpenter’s present, despite his time behind bars.

However, the Speed Daal chef played by Bill Fellows finally gets a break when the true culprits are charged in Coronation Street.

Stu Carpenter was accused of murdering his former lover Charlie

His name could be cleared – but will he get to spend time with his granddaughter Eliza?

Stu met Eliza recently as Bridget agreed to introduce him to her

The former homeless man was accused of killing his former lover for years until Yasmeen Nazir and her family decided to stand by his side and help him clear his name.

In recent scenes, Stu was finally able to spend time with his estranged daughter Bridget and meet his granddaughter Eliza, despite his ex-wife Lucy trying to get in the way.

But in a shocking twist, causing major heartbreak for the fan favourite character, Bridget and Lucy were closer to Charlie’s murder than he had anticipated.

Next week in the Manchester-based drama, Stu finds out that both Lucy and Bridget have been charged.

However, he’s forced to hide his anxiety for Eliza’s sake as it becomes clear he is the only family she has left.

Meanwhile, Alya Nazir (played by Sair Khan) is awash with guilt as she succeeded in proving Stu was innocent at a horrible cost.

This prompts solicitor Dee-Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown) to tell her that she did the right thing.

Bridget later calls her father from prison and tells him that both she and Lucy have pleaded guilty to murder.

She then drops a bombshell on Stu, telling him she’d like him to take care of Eliza for her – and him and Yasmeen reel in shock.

But steps are taken for Eliza to settle in the cobbles.

In later scenes, a social worker named Felicity calls at No.6 with some bad news for Stu and Yasmeen.

Stu’s murder conviction still needs to be officially quashed for him to take care of Eliza.

This means the young girl will have to be taken into care before she can live with her grandfather.

Stu and Yasmeen are devastated – but could they find a solution to keep Eliza close to home until his name is completely cleared?

As mentioned above, Stu was accused of murdering Charlie, thrown behind bars for multiple years, which cost him his relationship with his daughter Bridget.

Much like ITV viewers, Alya Nazir soon suspected Lucy to know more about the crime than she let on.

What’s next in store for Stu?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

Stu’s ex-wife Lucy knows more about Charlie’s murder than anticipated

The Nazirs agreed to stand by Stu’s side
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