Coronation Street spoilers: Summer Spellman devastated as Aaron drops a bombshell on her

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SUMMER Spellman has bee exploring her romantic potential with newcomer Aaron.

But the Coronation Street teen is shocked when her love interest drops a bombshell on her.

Summer Spellman and Aaron are getting closer

But he drops a bombshell on her next week

How will they cope?

After trying to cheat during her exams, despite her firm intentions to get into Oxford, Summer (portrayed by Harriet Bibby) is getting ready for her summer holiday.

Next week, she first tells a disappointed Billy that she’s definitely not going to university, preparing herself instead to look for a job.

Jacob Hay offers to put in a good word for her at the Underworld factory, where he found a job after his chaotic past.

Summer gets an interview and, soon enough, Carla Connor hires her as a PA.

Nervous, Summer starts work at the factory as Beth Tinker makes snide remarks and Sally Metcalfe does her best to her at ease.

But while all seems relatively well, she gets a shock when her new love interest Aaron (James Craven) tells her that he was jumped on by some lads on his way home.

Aaron shows her his bruises and Summer is shocked beyond words.

Things don’t get any better when the pair spend an evening alone and Aaron makes a move.

Summer pushes him away abruptly and orders him to leave.

Later on, however, the lovebirds meet in Victoria Garden and she admits that she really likes him but can’t bear the thought of him seeing her naked.

As ITV viewers will remember, Summer has been struggling with her body image for several months and this has led her to develop an eating disorder.

Matters went from bad to worse as she tried to come to terms with her Type 1 diabetes diagnosis.

Summer has been brought to hospital multiple times as she toyed around with her insulin and deprived herself of many foods.

But things became easier for her to handle when Aaron came into her life after she attended a support group for people with diabetes.

More recently, the young couple have made plans for the summer and all seems well between them.

Could he make her feel comfortable enough in her own body?

Coronation Street airs on ITV.

Summer recently cheated in her exams

She makes the decision not to go to university next week