Coronation Street spoilers: Summer Spellman suffers devastating miscarriage – but makes a shocking decision

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WEATHERFIELD teen Summer Spellman agreed to be a surrogate for newcomers Esther and Mike.

But her plans are thwarted when she suffers a devastating miscarriage after making a shocking decision in Coronation Street.

Summer Spellman agreed to be a surrogate for Mike and Esther

But the couple have a shocking suggestion for her

And she surprisingly agrees to it

The 18-year-old portrayed by Harriet Bibby shocked ITV viewers when she revealed she was pregnant.

She decided to have an abortion in a heartbeat until Mike and Esther managed to convince her to keep the baby.

The couple’s plan is simple enough – Summer has to keep the baby and act as a surrogate in exchange for money.

Summer even managed to get her boyfriend Aaron Sandford (played by James Craven) on board who was desperate for money as he was eager for his alcoholic father Eric to get help.

But things go horribly wrong in scenes due to air next week.

Coming up, Summer calls at the flat on her lunch break to find Aaron there with his father.

Eric admits he’s an alcoholic but remains determined to give up booze.

When he questions where Summer and Aaron got the money to pay for his rehab from, the couple make out they borrowed it from Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank).

Afraid she may be caught out, as her guardian has no idea she is still pregnant, Summer tells Aaron that Billy mustn’t find out about the baby.

She suggests their only solution is to move away until after she’s given birth.

In later scenes, Summer tells Aaron she has an appointment with the midwife later that day, leaving him to break the news to Mike and Esther that they’re planning to move away from the cobbles.

Esther has an idea and tells Summer she should move in with them and the teen mother agrees.

But when Aaron confronts his father Eric later on, Summer is clearly in pain and reveals that she’s bleeding.

She’s then devastated to discover that she’s suffered a miscarriage.

Summer and Aaron return home, shell-shocked, to a drunken Eric with blood trickling down his face.

The latter, who’s known to be a violent drunk, becomes aggressive and yells at his son.

Aaron forces his father into a taxi and asks the driver to take them to A&E.

Summer is uneasy when she receives a text from Esther telling her how much they’re looking forward to her moving in.

Will Summer admit she lost her baby?

Coronation Street airs on ITV.

Summer finds out she has lost her baby

But will she tell Mike and Esther?