Coronation Street spoilers: Tim Metcalfe and Aggie Bailey face the music after secret is exposed

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FOR several weeks, Tim Metcalfe and Aggie Bailey hid their bond from their significant others.

But their emotional affair is finally out in the open in Coronation Street and they have to face the consequences next week.

Tim Metcalfe and Aggie Bailey have shared a strong bond

But they both kept it a secret

They’re forced to be open about their bond next week

Throughout his struggles in the cobbles, the cabbie played by Joe Duttine has found a perpetual source of support in the form of nurse Aggie Bailey (portrayed by Lorna Laidlaw).

However, their closeness often raised suspicions among fans as some believe both characters have been intimate with one another.

To make matters worse, Tim even gave Aggie a necklace to thank her for helping him remember his anniversary with his own wife Sally (Sally Dynevor).

Coming up on ITV, the Underworld factory machinist is shocked to discover her husband bought Aggie a necklace.

She then admits to Aggie that she’s hurt to think that Tim prefers her company.

The character goes a step further by suggesting that Aggie should focus on her own husband Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges) and leave Tim alone.

Aggie follows Sally’s advice in later scenes of the Manchester-based drama.

She calls at the builder’s yard and apologises to her husband Ed for keeping her friendship with Tim a secret from him.

But how will Ed react?

Will he accept her apology?

What will come of Tim’s marriage to Sally?

While he’s been getting closer to Aggie, following whatever advice she had to give him, Tim has encountered several issues with his wife Sally.

Tim was firstly reluctant to tell Sally about his heart condition until after it was almost too late.

In more recent episodes of the ITV show, he refused to be intimate with her out of fear she’d realise he had become impotent.

Meanwhile, Aggie knew all about Tim’s turmoil, trying to support him as best as she could.

More recently, the nurse has surely been feeling vulnerable after her son James suffered from a heart attack during a football game.

He even decided to leave Weatherfield for a new job opportunity.

Is this the end for Tim and Aggie’s emotional affair?

Can Sally and Ed both forgive and forget?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV.

Tim kept several secrets from his wife Sally

Can she forgive him?
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