Coronation Street spoilers: Tyrone Dobbs caught cheating on wife Fiz

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TYRONE Dobbs tied the knot with Fiz Stape after years of jumping through hurdles.

But it seems the mechanic hasn’t learned from his past as two Coronation Street residents catch him with another woman.

Tyrone Dobbs is caught with another woman

Evelyn Plummer believes he could be cheating on Fiz

But does she have the wrong end of the stick?

Evelyn Plummer (played by Maureen Lipman) is the first Weatherfield resident to realise something is wrong in Tyrone’s marriage to Fiz Stape.

The pair, respectively portrayed by Alan Halsall and Jennie McAlpine, walked down the aisle on Christmas Day.

But when the Underworld machinist heads out, telling Evelyn she’s off to stay with her mother, the elderly woman is shocked to see her grandson failing to kiss her goodbye.

Evelyn later clocks Tyrone suited and booted, climbing into a car and is convinced he’s about to embark on another affair.

She approaches Roy Cropper (David Neilson) and tells him to fire up the Woody, knowing they have to put a stop to his caper.

Both characters follow Tyrone to a hotel bar and spot a blonde lady parking herself at his table.

Evelyn is horrified when she sees him squeezing the unknown woman’s thigh.

Little does she know that there’s a chance she’s making a huge mistake.

In earlier scenes, Fiz opens up to Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor) about her sex life as they’re working in the Underworld factory.

Fiz tells her colleague that her sex life with Tyrone is in a rut, which prompts Sally to suggest role play.

Sally and her own husband Tim have experienced issues with their intimate life and did everything to spice it up.

She offers Fiz a rummage in their fancy dress box to help her.

Could Fiz be the blonde lady?

Or has Tyrone gone back to his bad habits?

The lovebirds have been romantically linked on and off for several years.

But their relationship seemed to be permanently damaged after Tyrone cheated on Fiz with Alina Pop.

Fiz deemed Tyrone’s actions unforgivable and moved on to another relationship with Phill Whittaker.

She was even ready to marry Phill… before realising she still harboured feelings for Tyrone.

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Is Tyrone cheating on Fiz again?

Or is Evelyn making a huge mistake?