Coronation Street spoilers: Vicar Billy performs an exorcism to rid Eileen Grimshaw’s house of the ghost of Pat Phelan


BILLY Mayhew gets more than he bargains for when he performs an exorcism to rid Eileen Grimshaw’s house of the ghost of her killer ex-husband Pat Phelan. 

Billy will be shocked to see his ex Todd Grimshaw – and not Pat – come down from the attic.

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Billy is shocked to see Paul when he performs an exorcism to get rid of Pat’s ghost

Viewers know that Todd recently contacted Eileen to admit he’s on the run after stealing from a dangerous gangster – and to ask her for help.

Next week’s episodes of Corrie will see Mary grow convinced that the noises coming from the attic are thanks to the ghost of Pat Phelan.

Later, she manages to convince Billy to perform an exorcism. 

As Billy works his magic, Todd appears at the top of the stairs.

Eileen’s ex-husband Pat Phelan fell into the sea after his various crimes were exposed

Todd’s return causes trouble for Billy and Paul

Billy and Mary can’t believe what they’re seeing and stare at Todd in shock.

Later, Billy rages at Todd for abandoning Summer and letting her think she was dead.

As their feud escalates, Paul heads over and Todd takes the opportunity to cause trouble between the pair.

Billy rages at Todd for abandoning Paul
Billy reassures Paul he still loves him

Billy assures Paul that he still loves him, but Paul is clearly unsettled.

Later in the week, Billy begs Todd to stop causing trouble but he’s shocked when Todd admits he still has feelings for him.

But Paul is unsettled by Todd’s return
Todd admits he has feelings for Billy

Will Billy be swayed?

Billy and Todd starting dating back in 2016 after Sean realised the vicar was infatuated with Todd and dumped him.

The loved-up pair then made it official and became the legal guardians of Summer Spellman, the daughter of Billy’s late ex Drew. 

When Todd departed from the cobbles the following year, he and boyfriend Billy were in the middle of a custody battle with Summer’s biological grandmother.

Fans are convinced Todd’s return will spell bad news for Billy and his new partner Paul.