Coronation Street star Ian Bartholemew hints he is about to vanish as Geoff saying evil character has a ‘shelf life’


CORONATION Street’s Ian Bartholomew has hinted evil Geoff Metcalfe will soon disappear from the soap as the villain’s “shelf life” reaches an end.

The domestic abuser has made his wife Yasmeen’s life a living hell for 18 months, but she could soon be free of the monster.

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Ian Bartholomew has hinted Geoff Metcalfe will soon leave the cobbles

Speaking to Digital Spy, Ian said: “When I first joined, Geoff was a bit of a bumbling idiot. He was an amateur magician and DJ.

“He suddenly developed when they decided to turn the storyline and character into something else. That was about six months in and we have been playing this story now for the best part of two years.”

“I think it’s pretty much understood that if you play a character like this, or if you are a villain or a baddie, there is a certain amount of shelf life. It wasn’t a surprise when we realised that we were coming to some sort of conclusion or some sort of catharsis for Yasmeen.”

In horrific scenes, Geoff will try to burn Yasmeen’s granddaughter Alya Nazir alive in a deadly rooftop fight during Coronation Street’s 60th anniversary week.

The explosive run of episodes will see the verdict of Yasmeen’s attempted murder trial reached.

Geoff violently attacks Alya at Speed Daal after Yasmeen’s trial verdict

Viewers will see Yasmeen staring nervously ahead as the barristers deliver their closing speeches.

And it’s not long before Geoff and Alya lock horns over the jury’s decision, with a violent Geoff attacking Alya at Speed Daal.

Geoff doesn’t stop there and later manically sloshes lighter fluid around number 6 before setting it ablaze. 

A terrifying showdown ensues when Alya follows him and chases him out onto the roof. 

Geoff tries to burn Alya Nazir alive in a fire

Could Alya be in grave danger?

Yasmeen’s trial will kick off this week as Geoff sneakily tricks Tim into losing it and punching him. 

Imran and Alya are devastated when they hear that Tim punched Geoff and point out he’s no longer a credible witness. 

Yasmeen Nazir’s trial will kick off this week
Geoff will paint himself as the victim

There’s more bad news when Tim gets a call from the police revealing Elaine has been found in a psychiatric hospital, meaning she won’t be able to stand trial either.

Taking the witness box, Geoff paints Yasmeen as a violent alcoholic and talks about how she attacked him with the broken bottle. 

Yasmeen tries to explain how she’s been the victim of domestic abuse, but is torn apart by the prosecution barrister. 

Alya and Sally take the witness box but the prosecution is quick to point out they have no actual evidence.